When will Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence be released?


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On July 6, Ubisoft revealed an update on the development of ‘The Division: Resurgence‘, the next entry into the Tom Clancy universe. Games in the Tom Clancy franchise indeed provide the community with an open-world experience as well as a satisfying shooter experience. Resurgence brings the hype to the table with its release to take the community by storm.

Resurgence will release on mobile platforms and not on PC or console, which accelerates the fact that Mobile Gaming will receive a new competitor. Resurgence will be the first title in the Tom Clancy: The Division series to be released on mobile platforms. iOS and Android users would be the first to get their hands on this new title as it would soon enter its Alpha test face and towards its potential launch in 2023.

Players can now register for its Alpha testing phase to eliminate all kinds of bugs or glitches in the game to make it ready to launch on D-Day.

Resurgence’s exact release date has yet to be announced by Ubisoft, with the French video game company planning for a 2023 release. This will be the first time gamers will experience the Tom Clancy franchise experience on a handheld device. rather than playing it on PC or console so far.

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