We communicate with Theresa Caputo of “Long Island Medium” before her show in Louisville



Theresa Caputo, also known as Long Island Medium, will present her show at the Louisville Palace Theater on Sunday, August 15. Caputo will channel the spirits and let them guide her throughout the evening. A night out with a psychic might seem unusual, and Caputo has a lot of skeptics, but LEO thinks anything is possible. We caught up with Caputo to talk about his career and what it’s like talking with those on the other side.

LEO: You come to Louisville, what can people expect from a live experience with you?

Therese Caputo: So what happens in a live experience is: I go out on stage, I do a quick little talk about how I read, I communicate with the people who are gone and basically what everyone can go for. ‘wait for the next two hours. And then, once they communicate with me, I leave that scene. I am in the crowd right in front of you to convey the messages of your deceased loved ones.

Do you know who you are going to read in advance?

I don’t know who is going to be read, what the mind is going to make me say or not say … We also always comply with CDC regulations regarding where I will wear a mask, and we ask everyone world the public also wears a mask.

I was wondering about the safety precautions with this new variant on the rise.

Absoutely. Yes. I am vaccinated; my entire crew is vaccinated. We always wear our mask all the time because what people don’t realize is that I have a show every day. We wake up every day in a different city, exposed to so many different people and, you know, we can’t, then I would have to cancel the show then, you know?… We’re taking extra steps, steps beyond, know you, to keep everyone safe.

It’s true. It is very costly to have to cancel or stop a show.

You know what, and I think people aren’t aware of… I certainly wasn’t aware of the amount of work and what it takes to produce a show. I mean, it’s not just like, yeah, I just came out on stage. We have a cameraman. We have somebody who works at the mixer, but I mean, there are machinists. They can be up to 100 other people we come into contact with. And I think we’re very lucky to be back on the road and working and having fun, but we have to do, like everything else, we have to take small steps. You know, I let the public know that I understand everyone is vaccinated, and we’re sick of wearing a mask – but if I have to wear a mask to go to a show, but I’m back at work and everything the world can have live entertainment all over again – you know what, so I’ll be wearing a mask, you know?

When did you recognize that you had the gift of speaking with spirits?

I didn’t realize I had this ability until I was 20 years old. I have been smelling and feeling spirits since I was four years old. And I said things to my parents and my family members. No one has ever made much of anything. I used to say to my mother, “I don’t feel well. I feel different from everyone. I feel like I don’t belong here. And my mom was actually like, ‘Well, you’re not adopted.’ So if I was, you could understand that feeling. And, you know, everyone kind of embraced what I was saying, and no one ever made much of it, and I’m a practicing Catholic… Not only did I have the ability to connect with my own. loved ones gone, because that’s what – I think we all can; we all have this ability to connect with our loved ones. I just have the ability to be able to connect with everyone’s loved ones. And I struggled with my gift for probably over five years after finding out about this.

What did you want to be before you became a psychic?

I say it all the time. I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. You know, growing up, I was going to be a legal secretary at one point. So just a lot of different things. And, I had worked for an oil company for many years in customer service and in the credit department. Then I worked for my ex-husband[‘s] things from home while I read at home.

Have you encountered an angry spirit?

I have not had this experience. So [in] my conversations with, if you say, God, and my spirit guides, “I was going to do this for a living, I only want positive things. I just want information on things that will help someone. If there have been situations where someone’s dad hypothetically will channel and apologize to someone. When that happens, that’s when the soul learns lessons – where the soul is to live its life through the eyes of people here in the physical world that they have heard are disappointed with.

What do you say to the critics?

On the question of gender, naysayers, listen, I respect it. I understand. I’m the first to say what I’m doing is crazy. “There was no way anyone could communicate with someone who has passed away.” I am the first to say it. But, I feel and feel things that mean nothing to me, But, I was turning into the person I’m sitting in front of, and [the] the mind speaks of things I would never know anything about. I like the way people say, ‘Oh, that’s how she does it. She does that. I don’t even know how it works. It just happened. I was born like this.

Tickets to see Theresa Caputo at Louisville Palace at 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 15 start at $ 59. Visit louisvillepalace.com for more information.



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