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Some 75 students are preparing to leave the halls of WC Miller Collegiate in Altona for good. Today is graduation day.

Co-Majorists Samantha Bueckert [BICK-ert] and Rory Pilkington say they have mixed feelings.

“It’s really exciting,” Bueckert said. “It’s a little scary too.”

Pilkington calls the experience very surreal.

“We’ve spent a lot of time and years on our upbringing and just the fact that it’s all over now is very sad. Bittersweet, of course.”

They agree that high school was great. But writing their farewell speeches made them realize the full impact graduation had on their lives.

“All the memories we made here, we will remember forever.”

Bueckert has a message for all future graduates.

“You have to live in the moment and realize how great high school is and what an experience it is. Just live it.”

“It goes really fast, that’s for sure,” adds Pilkington.

Looking back on her high school years, Bueckert says her circle of friends grew out of her involvement in the sport. She also remembers one teacher in particular – Marcy Falk.

“She cares a lot about her students. And she doesn’t care about us [just] as students. I think she cares about us as friends. She actually helped me get into Providence [University College]. She’s just awesome!”

A strong memory for Pilkington comes from his French immersion class.

“Each year I was with a bit of the same group of kids. I definitely met some of my best friends through this. Again, another one of the teachers I will always remember is my immersion teacher Grade 12 Frenchwoman, Dana Falk. She was also a teacher who felt more like a friend and really facilitated learning.”

Reflecting on the impact of grades 10 and 11 during the pandemic, Pilkington says those years made them appreciate seeing their classmates face to face and spending their senior year together.

Having a class made up of students from different communities was a good thing, adds Bueckert.

“From Rosenfeld, and Altona and Gretna, growing up, we always knew them [or] known to them through sports or through other friends or church like and stuff like that. It was really cool growing up together. When you have so many different people coming together, it makes things so much better, I think, because you have so many different areas and people and personalities. »

And that’s what the two girls say with a big smile, “that’s what makes us, I guess, so great!”

After getting to know at least half of their classmates in the community, getting together in middle school and high school seemed natural. Both students describe their collective class personality as outgoing, adventurous, and caring.

Bueckert’s post-graduation plans will take him to Providence University College in Otterburne to play volleyball and study biology. Pilkington enrolled at Carleton University in Ontario to study aerospace engineering.


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