Virat Kohli restaurant chain One8 Commune denies homophobia accusation


One8 Commune stressed that its restaurant rules are in line with industry practices

New Delhi:

One8 Commune, a restaurant chain owned by India cricket team captain Virat Kohli, has denied claims that she suffers from homophobia and that there are discriminatory entry rules against members of the gay community at its points of sale.

LGBTQIA + group ‘YesWeExistIndia’ accused the Pune outlet of only allowing heterosexual couples or cisgender women’s groups. The group further alleged that other branches of the restaurant were following similar policies.

In a statement, the One8 commune said it welcomes everyone, regardless of gender or preferences.

“As our name suggests, we have always been inclusive serving all communities since our inception,” he said.

The chain stressed that its restaurant rules are in line with industry practices.

“Similar to the practice throughout the industry and in accordance with government rules, we have obviously implemented a no entry policy for deer (subject to relaxation) in order to ensure a safe and secure environment. pleasant to our customers.

“This does not in any way mean that our company policy provides for discriminatory entry rules for / against a particular community,” said One8 Commune.

The company urged people to approach them if there has been “an inadvertent lack of communication or an inappropriate impression” about its policies.

In an Instagram post, the group claimed that in response to their question, the restaurant chain said same-sex couples or a group of gay men are not allowed in the restaurant, and trans women are allowed subject to change. of their clothes.

The group also said they emailed the Zomato food delivery app asking if they had “tried to raise awareness” Virat Kohli.

The allegations drew widespread criticism on social media.


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