Vermont Announces School Immunization Incentive Program | Community news


Schools statewide will benefit from a new program announced by the Education Agency.

He – along with Gov. Phil Scott – introduced the School Vaccination Incentive Program, committing $ 2 million in federal emergency dollars for schools that achieve a student vaccination rate of 85 percent or more. Schools that meet this threshold will be eligible for a minimum scholarship of $ 2,000 and a potential maximum of $ 15,000 for schools more than 90 percent vaccinated. To be eligible, schools must encourage student participation in how money is spent.

“We know that immunization is our most powerful tool against COVID-19, and getting our children immunized is essential for their health and education,” Scott said in a statement. “Vermont is the national leader in youth immunizations, and we hope this program encourages even more scaling up.”

“Immunization has been a critical part of our public health strategy for schools since vaccines became available to students,” Education Secretary Dan French said. “We know that vaccination protects not only our health, but that of our entire community. This incentive program recognizes that; give students and families an added incentive to get immunized, and a voice in how money is spent.

Public schools and accredited and recognized independent schools are eligible. To receive the money, schools must be able to certify that they have reached an immunization threshold and that they have solicited and considered student contributions when planning the use of these funds. An 85 percent vaccination rate for eligible students is the minimum threshold to receive financial aid.

The money will be awarded on a rolling basis until April 1. It must be spent by June 30. Schools will receive $ 15 per student, for a minimum scholarship of $ 2,000 and a maximum of $ 10,000. Schools that achieve a 90 percent immunization rate may request an additional 50 percent of the initial grant, for a potential maximum grant of $ 15,000.


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