Thousands of observers to monitor the municipal elections


The National Election Committee (NEC) has given the go-ahead for 46,980 people from 16 national associations, including seven non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to act as observers in the upcoming communal council elections.

NEC spokesman Hang Puthea said yesterday that the NEC would accept applications as poll watchers until May 25, and for international organizations the deadline is one day before the elections on June 5.

“International organizations usually don’t get involved in communal elections because the communal election is not considered as important as the national election,” Puthea said.

European Union Ambassador to Cambodia Carmen Moreno and her accompanying delegation, made up of senior diplomats from the French, Czech, Swedish and Hungarian embassies, discussed the work related to the 2022 Cambodian elections and the 2021 national elections on May 16.

The European Union (EU) has asked the NEC to allow EU officials to observe the upcoming municipal elections, but without having to register as official election observers.

The EU delegation also wanted permission for the NEC to act as an observer in the general elections without having to complete an evaluation report on the electoral process, Puthea said.

Korn Savang, coordinator of the Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (COMFREL), said yesterday that they had prepared 25 staff members to be observers, one for each province and the capital.

“The 2,000 observers from seven non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are preparing to observe the communal elections,” he said.

Adhoc President Ny Sokha said yesterday that Adhoc will have 60 officers to monitor the human and political rights situation during the communal council elections, but his unit is not involved. in the assessment of election results.

“My unit hasn’t deployed any staff to polling stations or inside polling stations, but they are just monitoring human rights and political rights,” he said.

Yong Kim Eng, chairman of the People’s Center for Development and Peace, said his unit recruited nearly 30 officers to monitor human rights during the communal elections, but did not deploy any agents in all provinces.

“As civil society, we want to see this communal election go smoothly, where people have the right to vote without fear, with justice, transparency, and the losing party can accept the election result without protest,” said he declared.

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