The Tiger Division Is Marvel’s Most Exciting New Superteam


Warning: SPOILERS for Tiger Division #1Marvel’s most famous superhero team is about to have some serious competition as the avengers are joined by Tiger Divisionof the company South Korea’s first superhero team. It’s no secret that the Marvel Universe (and the DC Universe as well) are primarily American-centric, focusing the vast majority of their superhero stories and teams in the United States. Tiger Division #1 not only takes place entirely in South Korea, but also features an all-Korean team on a mission to save their country.


While several famous superheroes are neither American citizens nor raised in the United States (members of the X-Men, including Storm, Nightcrawler, and Sunfire, come immediately to mind), superhero teams usually come from ‘America. Notable exceptions include Canada’s Alpha Flight team (of which Wolverine was a member), Britain’s Excalibur team, Russia’s Winter Guard, China’s People’s Defense Force, and France’s Les Héros de Paris (although this is from by far the least observed team). international team). Although Korean heroes do exist (an example would be the Spider-Man-esque hero Silk), they’ve never been on a team – until now.

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At Marvel Tiger Division #1, written by Emily Kim with art by Creees Lee, six heroes come together to save a town from a massive runaway ferry (which happens to be on fire) about to sink into the coastline. One by one, each hero does their part: Luna Snow uses her powers to put out the fire on the bridge, Lady Bright and Mr. Enigma rescue civilians on their way to the ship, and mechanical characters The General and Gun-R II convey information to other heroes. Finally, the super strong leader of the team, Taegugkiprevents the ship from crashing into land with its tremendous strength.

Korea’s first superhero team goes into action

While the other superheroes don’t get a great amount of backstory in this issue, Taegugki’s past is further developed; It’s a tragic story that involves the Korean War in 1950. Orphaned as a baby (again, similar to Superman’s backstory), Tae-Won was adopted and raised by a woman who had also lost her brother in the conflict – and immediately after saving the town from the ferry, Taegugki sees his spirit (and no one else can see what he see). Although the Tiger Division was first seen in Jed MacKay and Alessandro Vitti Builder #3 In 2021, seeing all of Korea’s heroes in their own book – plus a new mystery plot (a thief broke into a secure vault) – is a welcome sight for international Marvel fans.

At the end of the issue, the six members of the Tiger Division pursue the “thief” and instead find a trap for the heroic super-team. The first issue is also to be commended for leaving out all the western superheroes and organizations; they aren’t necessary, as these superheroes are well-developed and can clearly stand on their own. This team is fairly new (so much so that they were left out in 2022 Judgment Day crossing), but in the future, maybe avengers will be joined by the exciting Tiger Division on future assignments.

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Tiger Division #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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