The municipality of Brussels plans to ban electric scooters – POLITICO


The Brussels municipality of Uccle want to ban electric scooters on its streets for safety reasons and parking problems.

Uccle has sent an official letter to the operators asking them to remove all their scooters from the commune within 10 days and to ensure that none of their vehicles are parked within the borders of the commune, Le Soir reported. . The new rules would not apply to private scooters and passing through the municipality on an e-scooter would still be allowed.

Uccle Mayor Boris Dilliès told POLITICO that many users and operators “don’t care about pedestrians, especially the elderly”, adding that “it really is a jungle. [are] scooters everywhere.

Dilliès confirmed that he had scheduled meetings with four scooter operators next week to discuss the matter.

“I have been waiting for the Brussels government and operators to act for over a year,” Dilliès said, adding that Uccle would now take the lead.

Electric scooters have become essential in the Brussels mobility landscape since 2018, with 20,000 scooters registered in the city and five active scooter operators.

But despite their popularity, it hasn’t always been easy to navigate: The federal government tightened rules for electric scooters earlier this year after accident numbers began to rise.

The Brussels regional parliament has also decided on the creation of compulsory parking zones, but the government has not yet implemented the plan.


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