The Francophone community offers a sweet weekend at the Maple Sugar Festival


It was a very sweet weekend at Muskoseepi Park as hundreds of people joined French Canadian Alberta Grande Prairie for their annual maple sugar festival.

ACFA Board Director Geneviève Savard says she’s delighted to see the turnout on Saturday, as she believes it’s vitally important to show the vibrancy of French culture in a region that has thousands of French speakers.

“It’s very important to show the community that we are still alive, and also to give a sense of belonging to all our children who are learning this language,” she says.

“It’s not only at school that you can live in French, listen to French music and see that a lot of people appreciate it and mingle with the English-speaking community, it’s incredible.”

Savard says it is also important, as a minority community in the region, to work very hard to show their culture and try to inspire people to be French-speaking and to be proud of it.

“It is very difficult to go against the majority, so it is very important for them to see that we are happy and that we are prospering”,

Weekend activities included the famous maple taffy, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides and public skating.


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