The Francophone Community of York Region Marks Franco-Ontarian Day


During the flag raising at Aurora City Hall today, the Community of Trille Blanc spoke about their plan to build a French-speaking village for those 55 and over.

AURORA — The Communauté du Trille blanc (CTB) raised the Franco-Ontarian flag this morning at Aurora City Hall in the presence of its host, Mayor Tom Mrakas, Leah Taylor Roy, Liberal MNA for Aurora- Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill, as well as Dawn Gallagher Murphy, PC MP for Newmarket-Aurora and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health.

“Our residential project for Francophones and Francophiles aged 55 and over for York Region has wings,” said CTB President Jean Bouchard. “Our initial dream has become the dream of an entire community and it is for this reason that we now speak of the “Francophone Village”. There will of course be residences for seniors with a continuum of health services, commercial and cultural spaces, offices for our associations, a French-speaking daycare, trails and playgrounds and surely a French pastry shop where we can meet around a coffee. The Village will also take on French accents with street names like Gisèle Lalonde and Mariette Carrier Fraser to commemorate those who have marked the development of our community.

Political representatives took turns delivering their message, confirming the relevance and importance of the White Trillium Community project.

MP Taylor Roy was proud to deliver her speech in both official languages: “From a federal perspective, with this project, we have affordable housing – which ticks a box; second, we have housing for seniors and finally, we have more support for the francophone community in our region. We can all be proud of our Franco-Ontarian community. It is a very important day. It is important to recognize what our government is doing to ensure the language rights of our linguistic minority. »

MP Gallagher Murphy did not hesitate to speak of her closeness to the Francophones of her riding: “I met many Francophones here today and I would like to thank the Community of Trille Blanc because you are truly a family and you accept me as part of your family. and I would like to thank you for it… The presence of the Franco-Ontarian flag in front of Aurora City Hall as the official emblem of Ontario speaks eloquently to the fact that your dreams, your hopes and your exceptional dynamism float with those of the whole province.

Mayor Tom Mrakas closed the official speeches: “I would like to recognize the Communauté du Trille blanc and I would like to thank the organization for its unwavering commitment to the Francophone community here in York Region and across the province. The work you are doing to build a Francophone village for Franco-Ontarian seniors with housing options, support services, and cultural and business amenities is so important. I know the project is gaining tremendous momentum and I want you to know that you have a strong partner in Aurora City to help you achieve your dream.”

The President of the Community of Trille Blanc, Jean Bouchard, gave a brief update on the progress of the “Francophone Village” project: “Just yesterday, the members of the Board of Directors of the Community of Trille blanc held a planning meeting to work on the business plan for the realization of our fundraising campaign. I would like to acknowledge the tremendous work and dedication of all the members of our Board of Directors. We are positioning ourselves to acquire land…. And you will have news when this important step in the realization of our project becomes reality. ”

Bouchard, a former educator, concluded: “We know that it takes a village to educate a child, well, we also know that it takes a village to offer the services and a quality of life worthy of what the elders deserve. Francophones and Francophiles in our community.

About 50 people from the Francophone community of York Region attended the event and it was with great pride that they sang Our-Place by Paul Demers to mark the raising of the flag by the dignitaries present. Among them were the Honorable Charles Beer, former Minister responsible for Francophone Affairs in the government of David Peterson, and representatives of the Association of Francophones of York Region (AFRY), the Federation of Francophone Elders and Retired Ontario (FARFO) as well as the St-Frère André Catholic Mission.



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