The Catholic community / institutions have contributed enormously to the Society ‘- Bishop Saldanha


The Catholic community / institutions have contributed immensely to the Society – Bishop of the Diocese of Mangaluru, Pastor Peter Paul Saldanha during the TRIPLE celebrations, namely the 111th anniversary of the death of the founder, Father Augustus Muller SJ; All Saints’ Day and the celebration of the 65th day of Karnataka Rajyotsava in the Father Muller / Father Muller Hospital charities took place on November 1, 2021. A new departmental block at the hospital was also blessed by the bishop.

Mangalou: Father Muller’s Charitable Institutions (FMCI) have touched the lives of thousands of people over the past 141 years. The institution founded by Father Augustus Muller in 1880 stands out as a mark of medical service and education in our country. With its motto “Heal and comfort”, it is committed to bringing medical comfort to suffering humanity. Our hospitals focus on installing sophisticated precision equipment, non-invasive diagnostics and surgeries, and other cutting-edge techniques with quality and ethical service. It provides super-specialized treatment with state-of-the-art facilities with experienced physicians who follow world-class healthcare practices.

Father Muller’s Charitable Institutions have been at the forefront of healthcare for 141 years and have been a renowned institution in the field of healthcare services, homeopathic care, medical / nursing / paramedical education and have always been been at the service of the general public with its motto “Heal and comfort” for a century and a half. Even with his charity banner, he has become a source of inspiration by working with government agencies to raise awareness and help with pro-people measures, one of which today is developing a bus shelter for the convenience of people. public transport users.

The FMCI is managed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mangalore. Its president is the Bishop of the Diocese of Mangaluru, Most.Rev.Dr. Pierre Paul Saldanha. Bro. Augustus Muller SJ was a German Jesuit priest who popularized homeopathic medicine in Mangaluru. He was sent to Mangalore from Venice, along with eight other Jesuits, to teach French and mathematics at Saint-Aloysius College. A homeopath by training, he began treating students under a banyan tree on the university campus. As his reputation grew, so did the number of patients. In order to welcome them, he bought land in Kankanady and founded the homeopathic dispensary for the poor. He was recognized for his contribution to society by the British Raj with the Kaisar-i-Hind Prize. He began treating lepers in 1883 and founded the Saint Joseph Leprosy Hospital in Kankanady in 1890. He died on November 1, 1910 of complications from asthma at the age of 69. And today, FMCI commemorated the 111th anniversary of the death of the founder of FMCI.

To mark the 111th anniversary of FMCI’s death, a new bus shelter was inaugurated right in front of Father Muller Hospital, on the Father Muller-Valencia road, which was much needed for commuters who had to wait for their bus transport, either in the rain or shine – and now with the construction of the new bus shelter, they no longer have to face any obstacles. The bus shelter was inaugurated by the Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation, Premananda Shetty, on November 1, 2021 at 7:30 a.m., accompanied by Deputy Vedavyasa Kamath, the Bishop of the Diocese of Mangalore, Pastor Peter Paul Saldanha, Father Richard Coelho- director of FMCI; the Directors of FMCI, among others.

A prayer for the protection and blessing of the shelter for those who will use it was blessed by the Bishop, while Deputy Vedavyasa Kamath unveiled the plaque for the Middle Garden which will be maintained by FMCI or the City Corporation. November 1 also in Catholic Traditions was celebrated as All Saints’ Day all over the world and was also the 111th anniversary of the death of the founder of FMCI, the Rev.

The flag of Karnataka was flown by Vedavyasa Kamath, along with other dignitaries, with the melodious interpretation of Naada Geethe by the students / faculties of Father Muller College of Speech and Hearing. In his address, MLA thanked Father Muller’s service to Charitable Institutions by bringing quality to every aspect of his work. He thanked the Management for helping to beautify the city by designing the bus shelters. He spoke about the various projects that the government has proposed in the Smart City Project, which will make Mangalore a city as beautiful as ever.

MCC Mayor Premananda Shetty thanked management for their selfless service in the health and education sector. He praised the institution’s efforts to help the public by beautifying the district with its bus stop and its median garden. He assured to help institutions in the development of the area and to help the general public. The services rendered by the hospital in the care of leprosy have been commendable efforts to help eradicate the disease in the region.

Bishop Reverend Father Peter Paul Saldanha and President of FMCI in his presidential address spoke of the very nature of the Christian community in the region which, through its sacrifices, has been able to run such an institution. Many religious Catholics or lay people, through selfless sacrifices and dedication for all, regardless of caste and creed, have made a difference for the whole of society. The money given by the churches and by the donations of its faithful made it possible to manage such a massive hospital.

The welcoming speech was delivered by Father Richard A. Coelho, Director FMCI and the Vote of Thanks was proposed by Father Rudolph Ravi D’His Administrator FMMCH. Professor of Biochemistry at FMMC, Dr Shivashankara AR (FMMC) hosted the event par excellence. Members of the Board of Trustees, Management Committee, Father Muller Charitable Centenary Society, faculty, staff and students were present in large numbers for the event. Everyone who gathered was treated with candy on behalf of the leadership on the occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava Day.

Prior to this official function, the triple celebration began with a liturgical celebration at 6:15 am with the Bishop of Mangalore as the main celebrant. The blessings of the departments of pediatrics and OB-GYN were performed after the formal function with a small prayer service by the bishop. The heads of departments with their faculty and staff were present. The gifts given to dignitaries were the work of the in-house rehabilitation center which focuses on Khadi and crafts.

Sandesh M of Mukund Enterprises was commended by FMCI for building the bus shelter on schedule within a month of the foundation stone being laid and blessing by FMCI Director Father Richard Coelho, the October 2, 2021.

(Ref:Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by FMCI NSS and foundation stone laid for new Kankanady bus shelter )

The institution’s other plans will be to develop the Kankanady circle and develop a new bus shelter on the entrance side after MCC approval. The bus shelter will have a suitable lighting installation with an easy seating arrangement and also a drinking water installation.

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