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US Representative Claudia Tenney hopes tennis star Novak Djokovic will be cleared to play at the US Open, the last Grand Slam tournament of the year.

Tenney, R-New Hartford, is urging President Joe Biden’s administration to lift the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for certain people — people who are not U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, or U.S. nationals — who attempt to enter the country.

Under the current rules, Djokovic, who is not vaccinated, would not be allowed to enter the country to participate in the tournament.

If the Biden administration does not drop the requirement, Tenney has asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken to grant Djokovic and other players national interest exemptions so they can participate in the tournament, which will be held from August 29 to September 11 in New York. Town.

In his letter to Blinken, Tenney noted that Biden, members of Congress and others have been infected with COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and fortified.

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“Although both vaccination and prior infection have been shown to reduce the severity of future infection, I continue to believe that whether or not to receive the vaccine should be a personal choice, not a government mandate,” a- she wrote, adding that “the scientific basis for requiring one category of visitors to receive a vaccine and not another is baffling.”

Djokovic was unable to take part in the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament on the calendar, due to Australia’s vaccination mandate. He participated in two other Grand Slam tournaments, the French Open and Wimbledon, winning the latter. France and the All England Club, which hosts Wimbledon, have lifted their vaccination mandates, allowing him to play.

Although there is a vaccination mandate for people entering the country, the COVID-19 vaccine is not required for spectators. According to the tournament’s website, citing local guidelines, ticket holders “will no longer be required to show proof of COVID vaccination for admission to the US Open.”

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