Taiwan Food and Drug Administration Grants CTL Amedica Corp License to Commercialize ACIF MATISSE™ Cage System


DALLAS – SEPTEMBER 15, 2022 – /OrthoSpineNews/ – The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), part of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, has granted CTL Amedica Corporation a license for the MATISSE™ Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion (ACIF) Cage System. The official license, DHA 05603556709, allows CTL Amedica to commercialize the MATISSE™ ACIF cage system in Taiwan, a crucial medical device market, especially for spine technology.

“We are honored by the TFDA approval and are excited to work with our Taiwanese distributor partner to make this important spinal technology readily available throughout Taiwan,” said Daniel Chon, CEO of CTL Amedica. “We hope it will be commercially available throughout Taiwan in the coming months and eventually in markets across Asia.”

Named after the famous French impressionist painter Henri Matisse, the MATISSE™ ACIF Cage System is a work of art and science, designed to accommodate a wide range of patient anatomy and surgeon preferences. It features simplified instrumentation and a tapered leading edge for easy insertion, as well as a large graft area to further promote bone fusion.

The MATISSE™ ACIF Cage System is available in many footprints, heights, lordotic angles, and materials, including titanium, PEEK, and titanium-plated PEEK. Both titanium and titanium clad PEEK feature CTL America’s proprietary TiCro™ surface technology. TiCro™ surface technology dramatically increases surface contact and improves bone interlocking properties.

CTL Amedica is a pioneering medical device design, development and manufacturing company. CTL Amedica has a Texas-based headquarters and in-house manufacturing facility, as well as a Pennsylvania-based R&D Center of Excellence. A leader in medical device and biomaterials technology, CTL Amedica offers a comprehensive line of cervical, thoracic and lumbar fusion and fixation products. In addition, it is the exclusive worldwide supplier of silicon nitride back products. Silicon Nitride demonstrates enhanced osteogenic response for enhanced fusion, promotes unique antibacterial properties, and provides comprehensive imaging in all modalities. For more information, visit https://www.ctlamedica.com/.

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