Sydney’s first tenant-only apartment building focuses on community living


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When it comes to the roller coaster that is the Sydney home and property experience, there are a few categories that people fall into. They are either people who can afford to buy, who can afford to buy but prefer to invest outside the real estate market, renters who like to rent and renters who are destabilized by the feeling of constantly living in a state of flux.

If you fall into the latter category – where renting is your best financial option but yearn for more stability in your living situation – there is an alternative model that was just presented to the Sydneysiders. LIV Indigo in Sydney’s Olympic Park is Australia’s first tenant-only apartment building, giving residents more freedom to live as they wish compared to a standard tenancy.

A key feature of this apartment complex is its focus on building community. And while many buildings have shared outdoor spaces and a communal atmosphere, LIV Indigo takes things a step further by hosting events and workshops to foster relationships between residents.

One perk that caught the attention of LIV Indigo residents, Vanessa and Rebecca, is that it’s a new, pet-friendly apartment complex.

With two French bulldogs and a fluffy cat to care for, the friendliness of the pets was a big plus for the couple. “Most rental places will rip our app [due to our pets] although we both have high incomes, are extremely clean and enjoy our homes,” they said.

They were also impressed with the extra amenities – particularly the deck – and said these features “were all part of the excitement, as well as [us] want to be part of this community.”

The apartment building has an on-site gym, workshop space, cinema room, and communal kitchen, dining, and living room that all help streamline living. daily. There’s even a dedicated space in the common area for remote working to make it easier for residents who work from home to define a boundary between office and home life (and free up the kitchen table work clutter).

For seasoned tenants, a big plus will be the fact that you can make changes to your apartment to make it look more like your own. Do you want to hang your works of art? Sure. Want to paint a feature wall? No problem. In fact, the on-site maintenance team will even organize all of this for you before you move in.

In terms of design, floor-to-ceiling windows flood the apartments with natural light, giving each home a warm and luxurious feel. Each unit also has an internal laundry room complete with appliances so you don’t have to rush out and find something that fits the space. There is plenty of storage space, modern finishes and each apartment also has its own outdoor space (either a courtyard or a balcony).

You also won’t have to spend weeks suing a real estate agent or landlord to get things done. General maintenance is a simplified and painless experience. “It’s an extremely simple process,” Vanessa and Rebecca told us. “You log a ticket through the app and it’s sorted within weeks, sometimes days.”

There is also a team on site offering assistance, seven days a week. Do you have a leaky tap? Need help with your oven? Did you leave your windows open? That’s no longer a problem, according to Vanessa and Rebecca. “The staff are amazing and they are extremely helpful – to the point [that] we can call them to close our windows that we left open when it rains. You can’t get this service anywhere else,” they said.

For more information about LIV Indigo, visit the website.

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Courtney Ammenhauser


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