Slovenian high-level court overturns ‘retrieved vaccine rule’ for public administration –



The Slovenian Constitutional Court ruled that a government regulation imposing a recovered and vaccinated warrant on employees of the state administration violated the constitution.

The new rule was supposed to come into effect from October 1, but was suspended by the court after being challenged by several groups of public administration employees.

The court has now ruled that a recovery warrant would be comparable to imposing compulsory vaccination as a condition for certain jobs or professions, something which should be regulated according to the Communicable Disease Act, and not an executive order. government.

The court did not say whether the measure, if imposed on the basis of an appropriate legal basis, would be constitutionally acceptable.

Indeed, he insisted that his decision did not mean that the vaccination of employees as a condition for exercising certain jobs or professions would be a disproportionate measure, but said that such a measure should be prescribed according to the law on communicable diseases.

The court handed down its judgment by six votes to three with the court’s most prominent dissident, Klemen Jaklič, saying “formalism should not be above human lives”. Jaklič also argues that there were many legal bases for the government to impose the mandate.

Noting that the court did not say that such a decision would be disproportionate, Minister of Public Administration Boštjan Koritnik said the government would try to find a different solution quickly.

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