Rights group leader voices support for Preah Dak commune policy


Hundreds of residents from six villages in Preah Dak commune of Banteay Srei district came to meet the Minister of Land Use Planning, Town Planning and Construction Chea Sophara this morning. CHEA SOPHARA VIA FACEBOOK

A civil society organization official expressed support for the measures taken by the authorities to prevent any further settlements in the area of ​​Preah Dak commune, Banteay Srei district, Siem Reap province, saying that this is a necessary measure to prevent the expansion of the residential area by newcomers.

Sous Narin, coordinator of rights group Adhoc for Siem Reap province, said the authorities’ request to prevent new arrivals from entering and constructing new buildings there was the right approach.

“I agree with the authorities’ request not to increase the number of new houses. For example, if there are 100 houses, we leave those 100 houses there, but we don’t want to see that expand because it’s an archaeological site and we have to keep it intact,” he said.

Narin added that if the people living there have children and have to be separated from their families when they grow up, the authorities should have a policy to create a new area, like Run Ta Ek ecovillage, for people who live there. want to leave.

Thousands of families living near the Angkor Wat temple have already drawn lots to move as the government moves to preserve the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Residents of Preah Dak commune, who live far from the Angkor Wat temple but close to the Eastern Baray, which is also the subject of a conservation plan, had staged protests in recent days after hearing that their villages would be moved to Run Ta Ek ecovillage in Run Ta Ek commune in the same neighborhood.

In a meeting with residents of Preah Dak commune on October 7, Minister of Land Use Planning and Construction Chea Sophara said that “Preah Dak residents must maintain stability . We will not rehouse the inhabitants of the six villages of this commune”.

He said he hoped they would calm down and not worry about this matter anymore. He also said that the residents of the six villages must promise to prevent new people from coming to live and to prevent the construction of new buildings in order to preserve the location.

Prime Minister Hun Sen also said the government has no plans to resettle residents of Preah Dak commune.


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