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Weekly Ratings of Limestone County Food/Lodging Establishments by the Limestone County Health Department for the week of June 13-June 17, 2022. Report includes history of critical items.

The Greenbrier Restaurant27028 Old Hwy 20, Madison-63

• Tongs found in a clean warehouse with food debris.

• Loose wire found on fryer basket in use, cracked containers and chipped plates in storage.

• The burgers were stored in preparation at 112 degrees. On revisit, burgers held at 179 degrees – went down.

• Coleslaw maintained at 57 and 76 degrees, raw chicken maintained at 60 degrees, cooked ribs maintained in preparation at 67 degrees. Revisit for a low score – the establishment kept raw chicken at 60 degrees and ribs cooked at 61 degrees. NOIS (Notice of Intent to Suspend) permit issued.

• The ice maker contained a black and white substance. Revisit – the ice machine has been cleaned – reduced.

• Presence of flies found throughout the establishment.

• Chemical sprays, cleaners and baby powder stored with customers’ food. The items were stored property.

Marathon Mini-Mart (Hines &72), Block 1200 Hwy 72 W, Athens – 66

• Several flies everywhere – revisited flies absent – reduced.

• Soda nozzles with brown residue – review clean nozzles – dimmed

• No soap at the kitchen sink. No paper towels at the kitchen sink or toilet. Revisit – Paper towels and soap available at all sinks.

• No sick leave policy/employee reporting agreement available. Revisit – sick policy available and signed.

• The employee went to wash his hands at the kitchen sink which had no soap or drying facilities. Wash with just water and put on gloves with wet hands to make pizza. Trained on the spot.

Arby’s #5695, 600 W 13th Street, Athens – 84

• Forward sink without paper towel. The middle sink has the hot water turned off. Clogged rear sink.

• Steals throughout the facility

Goodland For Home LLC12110 County Line Road, Madison – 87

• Employee handling food with bare hands. The employee threw away the food, washed his hands and put on gloves.

• Ice machine found with a black substance inside. The ice machine was cleaned at the end of the inspection.

At Zaxby’sblock 200 French Farms Blvd., Athens – 87

• Coleslaw maintained in the refrigerator at 49 degrees, raw chicken at 56 degrees, grated cheese maintained at 45 degrees. Revisit – raw chicken kept at 37 degrees, lettuce kept at 38 degrees, coleslaw kept at 40 degrees, shredded cheese kept at 40 degrees – reduced

• Several fryer baskets in use with loose wire and a food container found with a crack. Corrected by management.

L&S Food Market, 29000 Ardmore Ave., Ardmore – 87

• Bags of mixed salads at 53 degrees, various meats (chicken, ham) all at 50 degrees. Revisiting – an unused cooler. 41 degree meat cooler, 41 degree beef – toned down.

• Fly everywhere

Cocina Mexicana de Lucia – Madison12090 H County Line Suite – 88

• Presence of flies throughout the establishment

• Cooked beef kept refrigerated with a date of 5/30/22 – discarded by management

Subway #4009 Yashi Inc., 908 Jefferson Street, Athens – 89

• No paper towels at the sinks. Paper towels replaced.

• No one is present with a food safety course.

YKTA cafeteria9000 Greenbrier Pkwy, Huntsville – 89

• Torn spatula found in kitchen storage

• Food debris found on measuring cup and plates. The spatula was discarded and the items were cleaned.

• Sliced ​​meat maintained at 51 degrees, salad bar tomatoes maintained at 57 degrees, hummus at 57 degrees. The establishment uses the weather as a public health check for sliced ​​meats and bar items. Documentation provided – reduced.

Wendy’s-Madison11300 County Line Road, Madison – 90

• The ice maker contained a black substance. The ice machine was cleaned at the end of the inspection.

Chevron Tanner20531 Huntsville Brownsferry, Athens – 90

• No one is present with an approved food safety course when performing Category 3 operations.

Cheaper– 25510 Nick Davis Road, Athens – 90

• The soda nozzles contained residue. The nozzles were cleaned at the end of the inspection.

Brentwood Market-Sai Chevron, 25977 Huntsville Brownsferry, Madison – 91

• Soda can blocks use of hand sink – can was removed by management

Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant1802 Hwy 72 E, Athens – 91

• Several dented boxes were found in the warehouse. Cans were thrown away by management.

GP quick stop1201 A Highway 72 W, Athens- 91

• No toilets

Mapco Express #5212, 28890 AL Hwy 99, Elkmont-92

• 50 degree hot dogs, 53 degree chicken biscuits

• Revisit – 53 degree hot dogs, 51 degree pizza, 51 degree burritos – NOIS issued

Caesar’s pizza100-0 Hwy 31 South, Athens – 92

• Steals throughout the establishment. Ants and gnats around the grease interceptor and the three compartment sink.

Oakdale Food Store (Riya, Inc.), 23010 Nick Davis Road, Athens – 92

• Presence of flies and ants throughout the establishment.

Patton Athens OPCO LLC22099 US Highway 82, Athens- 92

• Tomatoes at 55 degrees, cheese at 53 degrees

• Revisit- tomatoes at 46 degrees and cheese at 49 degrees. NOISE emitted

Coffee 7212250 Hwy 72 W, Athens – 95

Assembly Cafe Lld. 3909000 Greenbrier, Madison – 96

Papa Murphy’s Take N’ Bake1001 US Hwy 72 E, Athens – 96

FLY Nutrition25525 Levie Davis Drive, Elkmont- 97

Food on the square209 W Washington Street, Athens – 98

Owens Senior Center20011 Alabama Hwy 99, Athens – 99

Diet of feral cats28881 Alabama Hwy 99, Elkmont-99


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