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ENOSBURG FALLS – Fresh and hot breads, piping hot pies and cakes to go: In a few weeks, a preseason bakery will finally have its own home in Enosburg Falls.

And it will be open at 4:00 a.m. most days.

“I wanted to make sure I caught the morning traffic on my way to work,” said Sheldon-born Katrina Flower, who owns the new Flower to Flour establishment. “We can have fresh sandwiches and pizza for breakfast every day. “

Raised in her parents’ store Pauline’s Quick Stop, Flower is known as the baker on the porch. Her business is based entirely on the honor system, and almost every day Flower bakes breads, pies, bars, muffins, and more in her standard little oven. After packaging and labeling her products with ingredient lists, Flower places her sought-after creations in baskets on her front porch, where her devoted fans frequent banana breads, muffins, and even sandwich bread.

That is, so far: Once the porch is tied, Flower will be opening her full-service bakery on Main Street in Enosburg Falls in the coming weeks, serving hot coffee, fresh bread, pizza for breakfast and many bakery delicacies. Her inspiration, she says, is her community.

“They are very important to me,” Flower told Messenger on Friday. “I’m really determined to give back… my passion has always been to help people. It’s just what I have to do.

How did you get started?

“I knew I had always wanted to own my own business, I just didn’t know what,” Flower said. “I grew up in a big family of cooks. My mom, my grandma, we all loved to cook… and everyone always told me I should own my own bakery. I never took them seriously. But it’s my passion.

After working in Hannaford’s baking department for nearly a decade, Flower said her family inspired her to go it alone. Flower to Flour was already a household name, and Flower said her clientele continued to ask for custom orders and more baked goods than her tiny kitchen could handle.

“I have a pretty normal gas oven and a two-shelf burner,” Flower said. “At Thanksgiving, I made 33 pies, 65 rolls and 16 banana breads in my little oven. I was so proud.

Are you a sentimental chef?

“I am very sentimental,” said Flower, smiling. “What really touched me was that my aunt and my mother said my bread tasted like my grandmother’s bread. My grandmother passed away last year so it really meant a lot to hear that.

Although she was singularly a pioneer in starting her own bakery, Flower said it was her community support that catapulted her culinary vision into reality. Community members did everything from donating artwork to helping with painting the walls to get the bakery going.

What has been your biggest challenge?

“Buttercream frosting,” Flower said with a laugh. “I tried 10 buttercream recipes! “

French macaroons, banana and maple bread, M&M cookies – Flower says she does it all.

Help the community

Giving forward and giving back are inspirations for everything Flower cooks. Most recently, Flower orchestrated a fundraiser for the sale of cinnamon baked goods for Enosburg Elementary School, which raised over $ 500 for the school. She also regularly donates her daily items to the Enosburg food department, which has helped her family in times of need.

“Now it’s my turn to help them,” Flower said.

Cheesecakes and pies to go will be available regularly in a cooler crate. Locals can stop, grab a slice of pizza for breakfast, a cup of coffee, and hit the road.

Everything she can source is done locally. The labels come from her upstairs neighbor who operates Fantastic Designs, and all of her eggs come from local chicken farmers in addition to her mother-in-law. All of her shirts are printed at Grizzly Graphics in Sheldon, and all maple syrup used in her baking is sourced from Franklin County.

“I have finally found my calling,” said Flower.


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