Progress report on the work of the municipal administration of Montreal to fight against systemic racism and systemic discrimination


A major public consultation on systemic racism and discrimination was conducted by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) between 2018 and 2020. It resulted in the publication in June 2020 of a report on racism and discrimination systems in the jurisdictions of the City of Montreal (French). This report underlines the importance of creating the conditions for a systemic transformation of the municipal administration and proposes avenues to follow in terms of human resources, public safety, cultural offer, culture of data analysis and conditions of political and civic representation of all Montrealers. It presents 38 thematic recommendations on the actions that the City of Montreal should take to fight systemic racism and discrimination.

In June 2020, following this consultation and the OCPM’s report, the City of Montreal officially recognized the systemic nature of racism and discrimination and undertook to combat them by working to implement the 38 recommendations. . A first progress report (in French) on this work was prepared by the Office of the Commissioner of Systemic Racism and Systemic Discrimination and published in February 2022. The report describes the significant progress that has already been made, including:

  • Formal recognition of the systemic nature of racism and discrimination by the municipal council;
  • The appointment of an elected member of the executive committee to lead the file;
  • The creation of the Office of the Commissioner against Systemic Racism and Systemic Discrimination and the appointment of its Commissioner;
  • The modification of the Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities;
  • The adoption of ambitious objectives in terms of hiring, promotion and representation within the framework of the 20212023 Master Plan for diversity, equity and inclusion in employment;
  • The adoption of the first policy on police arrests in Quebec.

In a spirit of transparency, this report will be debated publicly at the end of March 2022 before the Commission on Social and Montreal Development and the Commission on Public Diversity. This discussion will allow the City to present this report and its actions and commitments for 2022, but also allow the public to ask questions and make comments.


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