President Sahlework criticizes efforts to show that there is a division in the authorities –


Addis Ababa, November 24, 2021 (Walt) – Ethiopian President Sahlework Zewde criticizes efforts to show that there are divisions within the authorities.

The president posted the following message on her Twitter account following false information about her in the French magazine Jeune Afrique

I noticed an article in the French magazine Jeune Afrique with an English translation in ‘The Africa Report’ of which I am the subject. I never met the author. I do not consider the publication of the article at this point to be a coincidence. I realize that there is an attempt to create differences between the Ethiopian rulers, and I would like to state the following.

As someone who has endeavored to help countries facing political difficulties and internal conflicts, I am well aware of the current situation in our country. Like many, my heart is broken. Fighting a civil war is particularly tragic.

You should also know that in the search for a settlement, one size does not suit everyone. It is up to us Ethiopians to find a way to resolve the conflict in our country.

Ethiopia needs the contribution of all of its children to overcome the current crisis. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has issued directives as head of government, and we are all committed to using our knowledge and skills to follow the path that has been mapped out.

securing a peaceful settlement is the key to conflict resolution. Conversely, recourse to military means, as undesirable as it is, can also be imposed on us as has been the case.

Without going into details, it should be recalled that the government had set the conditions before the talks. This is in the context of the search for peace and is not new to us.

We are bleeding now. Let’s make sure the rose isn’t far away. We are making progress, the statement said.

Let us be firm and united.


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