Pre-construction phase ends on Broadway Curve project in Phoenix


A member of the construction crew removes the metal mesh anti-glare screen from a median barrier wall along I-10. (Courtesy Arizona Department of Transportation)

Teams have received the green light from the Arizona Department of Transportation to move from pre-construction to construction on the I-10 Broadway Curve project.

The teams dug and drilled to test the soil conditions under the pavement; take inventory of the pavement and make repairs; and surveying and conducting utility relocations. They also removed the last section of rubberized asphalt between Hardy Drive and I-10 in Tempe.

The four-year project will make improvements, additions and additional lanes 11 miles on and around I-10, from Loop 202 — Santan / South Mountain Freewa — to I-17 near the International Airport of Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Teams have also started removing anti-glare screens along I-10 between 40th and 48th Streets. Anti-glare screens are metal trellises mounted on median barrier walls to reduce glare from oncoming headlights.

Next, teams will start increasing the height of the median barrier walls so that they are high enough and the anti-glare screens are no longer needed.

Over the next few weeks, the teams plan to start setting up a nursery for native plant salvage operations. Mature specimens of plants that take many years to develop from seed, such as saguaros, barrel cacti, ocotillos, and Palo Verde trees, are preserved. They are cared for in a nursery until they can be returned to their permanent homes.

The work area throughout the project area has been established. Barring an emergency, teams do not plan to completely close freeways in the project area until 2022. However, additional closures of lanes, ramps and roads will be required this year.


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