New restaurant Katy Fork It fuses comfort food from all cultures


Fork It, a newcomer to Katy, features comfort food favorites and fuses foodie items from diverse cultures. (Courtesy of Fork It)

Fork It, a restaurant whose interactive menu fuses comfort food from all cultures, hosted a soft launch on June 16 for its new storefront in Katy. The restaurant, which relocated from New Jersey to its new base at 23227 Mercantile Pkwy., Katy, offers an indulgent build-your-own menu.

Starting with a “bottom” or meal base, customers can choose from options like mac and cheese, cilantro rice, or salad. Next, select a protein or “bite” of food like lamb chops, shrimp, catfish or chicken. These can be fried, grilled, braised or even stuffed.

The plate is adorned with “toppies” such as jalapenos, onions or tomatoes and drizzled with the customer’s choice of sauce called “squirts”, which includes halal white sauce, hot sauce or Fork sauce It’s “blasian”, which is homemade teriyaki. sauce. The customer can finish the personalized dish with a “shake” of herbs and artisanal seasonings.

Also on the menu are tacos and birria platters with the customer’s choice of protein and sides, such as broccoli and asparagus, as well as various combos, sides and desserts. Fork It also does surf and turf style dishes, such as shrimp and beef tacos.

For the soft opening, the restaurant focused on brunch dishes like cheesecake waffles and pound cake French toast. These meals can come with oatmeal, mac and cheese, home fries or mashed potatoes, along with two eggs and bacon or sausage.



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