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On February 27, Bishop Michael Côté blessed the new administrative center of Saint-Sacrement parish and the renovated Saint-Bernard parish center.

Father Rick, Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish addressed the parish on this great occasion. From his homily to the Mass of Benediction, Father Rick shared these words.

Jesus speaks of our need to bear good fruit. We are called to use our time, talents and resources in ways that make a positive difference in the lives of others. We pray that our words and especially our actions will have a positive impact on our world, our homes, our Church and our community.

The call to make a positive difference goes beyond our individual need to grow and bear fruit – Christ also asks us to make His Church strong, vibrant, growing and welcoming.

Strong parishes, however, do not happen by accident. This requires a concentrated effort from our whole religious family. Certainly, the grace of God is always available, but we must cooperate with it. We must offer our time, our God-given talent, and our resources to build up His Church. And that’s the key phrase – His Church.

I believe we are truly blessed as a parish. We have two vibrant campuses and great people who willingly step forward and sacrifice themselves for the greater good of our community of devotees. One of our strengths is that we realize we are a work in progress. We accept the fact that we have to grow – that we don’t have all the answers, but we know who has them and that’s why we always look to Him first. When we cooperate with His Grace, we will bear good fruit.

Certainly, through the new Blessed Sacrament administrative offices and the new St. Bernard Parish Center, we recognize that an example of good fruit is found in the work we do for our parish. The need for this two-year project became more evident when we reflected on our parish mission: as a Catholic family, we are called by Christ to create and nurture in prayer a vibrant community centered on the Eucharist and dedicated to service, spirituality and evangelization. .

Simple and clear, we have outgrown our aging buildings. Many of our people were unable to participate in our programs because we had aging buildings that were not handicap accessible. It was also very difficult trying to administer our parish with its two campuses from a building that found staff crammed into a rectory that – no matter how hard we tried – could never be an effective central office for our large parish. We had buildings that were held together with duct tape and a prayer – not to mention the constant cost of repair work. Ultimately, it was becoming more and more difficult to create a vibrant growing community with our facilities. And so, we prayed and planned, and worked very hard and planned even more – until we ended up where we are today.

Our dream of having what we have now was only made possible by the generosity of a few kind benefactors who loved their God and His Church, the diligent work of our Endowment and Finance Committee, and the generous sharing of your time. , your talent and your treasure. As the Gospel shares, “A good person from the store of goodness in his heart produces good, for out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.”

I like this!

Our churches are more than Sunday morning meeting places – they are a beautiful oasis of God’s grace filling our hearts, strengthening our resolve and inspiring our dreams and hope for a better future. Today more than ever, we must bear good fruit for a starving world.

Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement during this exciting expansion of our parish. The interesting thing about bearing fruit, however, is that it is not a one-time event – ​​it is, in the eyes of Christ, a lifelong commitment. So stay strong as faithful individuals and have the courage to be a witness to that faith in your community and in your Church. Let’s fill this new parish center with life, creativity, good works, education, laughter, faith, vision and compassion.

The addition of an administrative center provides office space for parish staff and moves parish offices out of the presbytery which is now the priests’ residence. The renovation of the parish center reused many elements of the school and incorporated the stained glass windows of the former convent.

by Deacon Michael Berstene


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