Music Pastor Brings Passion for Singing, Community to New Role at First Baptist Church | Charlestown


CHARLESTOWN – Reverend Linda N. Moore will be singing doubles this Christmas season.

Moore, a musician who has pastored Cross Mills Baptist Church in Charlestown for the past three years, was recently appointed pastor of Charlestown First Baptist Church in Quonochontaug, much to the delight of parishioners who sang his songs. praise.

“She was just a delight,” said Paula Moreau, chair of the board of directors of the First Baptist Church of Charlestown in Quonochontaug which has been in existence since 1840. “She brought new ideas, she started a Bible study and she was very welcoming. “

Moore, 70, who lives on Mishnock Lake in West Greenwich, also leads the Cross Mills Baptist choir and sings in both church choirs. Both churches have active music ministries, she said, and excellent, enthusiastic choirs. At Quonochontaug Church, Dianne Storm is music director and James Larson is organist, she said, while Cross Mills Church has a “very talented” hand bell choir.

Moore, who plays the oboe and French horn, said the two choirs are getting ready for Christmas services. Cross Mills will have a “Shining Moment” Christmas concert on December 19th and “Quonnie” will have a special Christmas Eve service.

While Baptists are “great at Bible and Bible study,” said Moore who organized a study group through Zoom, “we are also very devoted to fellowship and we love our music.”

“I actually started studying music education at Barrington College back then,” said Moore, who grew up in Riverside, RI, in a family of “nurses and engineers,” lived in North Carolina and Texas and worked as a nurse and researcher before fulfilling her vocation to ordained ministry.

Moore said her father was very musical and that she herself learned to play the piano as a child and also played the clarinet in a band.

Moore, who was raised in the episcopal faith, may be a longtime musician, but she is fairly new to her role as a minister. She was 63 when she attended Andover Newton Seminary School, she said.

“I have always been active in churches and have led many women’s retreats,” she said, “so it was almost a natural step for me.”

“It was a little strange,” she said with a noticeable Texan accent. “I haven’t written a paper since college and that’s the purpose of graduate school… to write papers.”

“I know,” she said with a chuckle, “I grew up in Rhode Island and have a southern accent that I can’t get rid of.”

Moore said she introduced herself to members of Quonnie’s church and already felt like “one of the fold.”

“It’s a very, very loving church,” she said, “we had a pancake breakfast recently and there were about 20 people there and we had a wonderful time.”

“Things are going really well,” said Moore, who preaches at Quonnie Church at 9 a.m. and Cross Mills Church at 11 a.m. every Sunday. “I am totally blessed.”


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