Logistics/Administration Manager – OWO – NIGERIA – M/F – Nigeria



ALIMA has been present in Nigeria since 2016. Its actions are part of a regional strategy to respond to health and nutritional emergencies, with a focus on pediatric, mother-and-child and epidemic interventions. ALIMA has a presence in North East Nigeria in Borno State (MMC and Jere LGA) and Yobe State (Bade and Karasuwa LGA) where it provides outpatient and inpatient health and nutrition services to people displaced and host communities. In North West Nigeria, ALIMA is in Katsina State (Kaita LGA) to meet increased nutritional needs. ALIMA is present in the South West, in Ondo State (Owo LGA) where teams treat patients with Lassa fever and carry out research to improve treatment.

Since the rapid increase in Lassa fever cases in 2018, ALIMA has been supporting the NCDC and Owo State Department of Health (Ondo State) in case management, active case detection, patient triage, public awareness campaigns and strengthening infection prevention. and Control (IPC) among health workers in different hospital facilities in Ondo State. To date, ALIMA is operating at the Owo Federal Medical Center (Owo FMC) to support the outbreak response by providing free laboratory and clinical care for suspected and confirmed cases of Lassa fever, and also conducting clinical research. In 2019-2020, ALIMA set up a Viral Hemorrhagic Fever laboratory in Owo to improve patient care by providing rapid and quality diagnosis. ALIMA also carries out community awareness activities and has sensitized more than 6,500 people about Lassa fever.

In addition to prevention and management, ALIMA is currently participating in the coordination of several studies to better understand the disease in order to improve management, including an observational cohort study (LASCOPE) to describe the clinical, biological, the management and outcomes of hospitalized patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Lassa fever. With more than 1000 inclusions, the LASCOPE study allows researchers and medical experts to better understand the factors that contribute to the death of people infected with the Lassa virus. It comprehensively documents and analyzes the clinical and biological parameters of these patients who were admitted to the Federal Medical Center in Owo, and more recently to the Alex Ekwueme University Hospital in Abakaliki. By adopting an approach that integrates research, patient care and infection prevention and control, the LASCOPE project provides valuable information for the design of future diagnostic tools, vaccines and therapeutic trials aimed at finding a cure. more specific. Following the initial results of the LASCOPE study, ALIMA and its partners are continuing, with the patients’ agreement, to collect data on people admitted to the Lassa fever unit in Owo. The study has already given rise to several publications, including one in The Lancet.

ALIMA is also implementing a phase II clinical trial (SAFARI) at Federal Medical Center Owo (FMCO) to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Favipiravir (antiviral drug). The ultimate goal is to improve specific treatment options and pursue an international phase III trial. All these current and future research activities are part of ALIMA’s strategic priorities to promote research against viral haemorrhagic fevers in Africa.


Level 3: The incumbent will have contact with children and/or vulnerable adults either frequently (eg once a week or more) or regularly (eg four days a month or more or at night) because he or she works in national programs, or because he visits national programs, or because he is responsible for implementing the recruitment process; Therefore, a criminal record check or presentation of a certificate of good character will be required. In situations where it is impossible to provide an extract from the criminal record or a certificate of good morals and morals, a sworn statement will be requested.


Mission location: Nigeria, Ondo State, Owo

Management lines:

  • Reports to (directly): Project coordinator
  • Reporting to (functional): Logistics Coordinator, Finance Coordinator and Human Resources Coordinator
  • Staff reporting to him: 2 (administrative and logistics supervisor)



The Logistics/Administration Manager is responsible for defining, implementing and monitoring logistics activities and objectives based on ALIMA’s strategic planning, standards and protocols.

This involves the following tasks:

  • Responsible for ensuring the implementation of support (communications, electricity, transport, IT) and any other logistical activity necessary to achieve medical objectives (construction/catering, water and sanitation, cold chain, etc.);
  • Responsible for the management and monitoring of the material resources of the project;
  • Ensure facilities and maintenance of functional office space and accommodation facilities in the project in adequate living conditions as well as all necessary equipment with support from the field logistics team and the team coordination of ALIMA;
  • Main role in asset inventory, fleet, inventory, contracts and monitoring, management of suppliers and project price lists;
  • Play a role in the project supply chain with the direct support of the coordination supply chain manager;
  • Responsible for ensuring the implementation of technical SOPs, logistics/security procedures policies in project areas/areas in accordance with ALIMA’s standard logistics and security guidelines;
  • Responsible for coordinating, organizing, supervising, coaching and supporting the performance of logistics team members to improve the logistics components of the project;
  • Responsible for planning and supervising, in close collaboration with the Project Coordination, the associated processes (recruitment, training, integration, performance evaluation, skills development and internal/external communication) of the project logistics staff in order to ensure the required performance and the achievement of objectives, ensures the implementation, manages and controls the reporting tools necessary for logistics activities;
  • Responsible for compiling quantitative logistics data (consumption, stocks, distributions) and analyzing them before transmission to the Project Coordinator and the Logistics Coordinator in the monthly reports;
  • Key member of staff security training (for local and expatriate staff);
  • Participate in the development of the project proposal and the review of the project budget;
  • Ensure weekly / fortnightly and monthly logistics reports in accordance with ALIMA standards guidelines.


The Logistics/Administration Manager is responsible for defining, implementing and monitoring human and financial resources activities and objectives according to ALIMA’s strategic planning, standards and protocols.

This involves the following tasks:

  • Responsible for the implementation of human resources policies in the project and the good administrative management of all staff working in the project (national, international);
  • Advise the project coordinator on the set-up (organogram) and, with the HR coordinator, update the project organogram and job descriptions;
  • In close coordination with the Project Coordinator and the HR Coordinator, calculate the HR operational needs and the associated budget in order to effectively ensure the sizing and the capacities required of the mission and to facilitate budget monitoring;
  • Involved in hiring, training, updating files, tax monitoring, leave planning and filling gaps;
  • Support the team on HR performance objectives, resolution of labor disputes and briefings;
  • Set up circuits and workflows (cash management, transfers, advances, purchasing procedures, payment validations, monitoring of regular payments, bank reconciliation), in order to anticipate expenses at project level and optimize needs cash and its security.
  • Implement and oversee transactional procedures and systems to ensure transparent accounting practices and full documentary traceability (invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc.), following ALIMA guidelines and rules, and using respective software in square ;
  • Ensure that the monthly accounting close takes place and is controlled, with quality and within the required deadlines;
  • In close collaboration with the Project Coordinator and the Finance Coordinator, analyze and monitor the project budget and financial reports to ensure that the funds are used in accordance with the financing contracts and to propose corrective actions;
  • Any other mission, entrusted by the Project Coordinator and the members of the coordination.


  • Degree/degree in business administration or finance, accounting or any other degree/diploma related to job requirements
  • At least 3 years of experience in the same position
  • Personal skills
  • Experience of working in a difficult environment
  • Experience working under pressure
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Remains discreet about the professional and personal lives of team members
  • High level of integrity

Language: English is mandatory (written, read, spoken); French is an asset.


Term of contract: contract under French law, 6 months renewable, depending on the availability of funding

Salary: according to experience + per diem

ALIMA pays for:

  • Travel costs between the country of origin of the expatriate and the place of the mission
  • Accommodation costs
  • Medical coverage from the first day of the contract until one month after the date of departure from the country of mission for the employee
  • Evacuation of the employee

How to register

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to our employment page via the address https://hr.alima.ngo/jobs/detail/9701?utm_campaign=Campaign+of%27offers+&utm_medium=Website&utm_source=relief+web.

NB: Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the deadline initially indicated, if a good application is accepted.

Only complete applications (CV + cover letter) will be considered. Only accepted applications will be contacted.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


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