LETTER: Some normality is returning to the Cape Breton community


Like the rest of the world, the seaside village of Port Morien is beginning to regain some sense of normalcy.

For most village activities, Legion Branch 55 also serves as the community center. Due to Covid-19 the doors to the property have been mostly closed for the past two years. The pandemic closures have been difficult for many Cape Breton businesses.

But we’re slowly reopening and crossing our fingers that a new variant doesn’t lurk in the shadows.

The bar is open Friday and Saturday and plans to hold a St. Patrick’s Day event on March 19 with Brandon Bates as entertainment. A talented local guy!

The next country market will take place on March 12, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Free entrance.

During the pandemic, many of our followers have decluttered and the market has been the recipient of many unique treasures.

For the flea market downstairs, masks will be required to keep everyone safe. There are so many things that it will take time to see them all. Books, jewellery, puzzles, games, crockery, toys… We have everything.

Upstairs there will be a legion-sponsored cooktop. We encourage community members to donate some baked goods.

Vendors will sell their creations.

The kitchen will serve tea/coffee and delicious treats as well as hand-cut fries.

To honor the bravery of the Ukrainian people, a Ukrainian honey cake will be served. Blue and yellow ribbons will be available to show our support.

The market is always a good opportunity to get together with others while looking for bargains.

Meet at the Port Morien country market.

Yvonne Kennedy


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