Kamala Harris presents administration plan for electric vehicle charging stations



The Biden administration is seeking to make the switch to electric vehicles one of its measures to tackle climate change. Vice President Kamala Harris recently unveiled the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Strategy.

During Harris’ recent visit to Maryland, the Vice President presented the administration’s strategy for charging stations for electric vehicles. The administration is seeking to install 500,000 charging stations across the country, lowering the cost of electric vehicles. It’s part of the promulgated $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan, with a $ 5 billion provision for states to build electric vehicle charging stations.

“The future of transportation in our country and around the world is electric,” Harris said in his remarks at a suburban electric vehicle charging facility in Maryland. $ 63 million would be provided to the state to build its charging stations.

“We want to make electric vehicles accessible to everyone,” added the vice-president. “We need to accelerate the change and make sure it is led by the United States.”

Harris noted that the problem most people face when buying an electric car is the accessibility of charging stations as well as how to charge electric vehicles.

In addition to the $ 5 billion for electric charging stations, the law also provides an additional $ 2.5 billion in subsidies for charging stations in rural areas and in underserved communities. President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better proposal includes a $ 7,500 tax credit to reduce the cost of electric vehicles. The bill on social and climate infrastructure is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

Previously, Harris fended off media coverage that she received during her engagement in France. In his interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris said the information about his personal shopping trip to Paris was “ridiculous” and that it distracted attention from his diplomatic visit to the country.

Harris traveled to France in November to visit French President Emmanuel Macron to further resolve the diplomatic crisis between the United States and France over the recent submarine deal with the United Kingdom and the Australia. Harris also highlighted the issues that preoccupied the two countries during his four-day visit.



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