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NATCHEZ – A birthday party for a legendary creature is scheduled to take place November 4-6 in Natchez.

You could say that the organizers have been planning this party for two decades.

Brandon “Gator Man” McCranie, a local radio personality, said he had never seen the legendary Bigfoot creature with his own eyes, but was always fascinated by the stories he heard from. other people he knew.

McCranie said that about 20 years ago he was researching Bigfoot on the internet and came across what many believe to be the first written account of a Bigfoot meeting in North America.

It was a diary entry by French explorer Pierre François-Xavier de Charlevoix, written in Natchez on December 25, 1721.

The explorer wrote that on his first night at the colony there was “a big alarm around nine in the evening”.

When he asked for the reason, he was told of “a beast of an unknown species, of an extraordinary mass, and whose cry was nothing like that of a known animal”.

Anyway, no one could say he had seen him but “made a judgment of his size entirely from his strength: he had already carried sheep and calves, and worried a few cows. “. The explorer tried to convince the others that it could be a wolf, but he couldn’t persuade them. They believed it was “a monstrous beast”.

When this was heard again, everyone “fled armed with whatever they could find, but it was in vain.”

Everything he wrote fits perfectly with modern accounts of Bigfoot sightings, right down to the sound he made and the cattle that had been taken away.

“I knew the 300th anniversary of this was coming and I wanted Natchez to be recognized for it,” McCranie said.

He and Jimmy “JimBob” Allgood got to work producing a birthday party like no other, with a tower of 300 cupcakes in the shape of guest of honor, Bigfoot. Natchez mayor Dan Gibson will blow out the candle, McCranie said.

“A dream became an idea, an idea became a project and now we couldn’t stop it even if we wanted to,” he said.

They predict that this event will become an annual celebration that brings people from all walks of life to Natchez.

“There is absolutely an audience,” Allgood said. “There is no other legendary folk creature that has had more than 100 movies made on itself. Different parts of the world call it by different names Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti depending on their part of the country. number of sightings recorded all over the world and America abounds in them.

The weekend

Acknowledging the social stigma that comes with admitting you believe in Bigfoot, McCranie said those who come to join the celebration don’t have to be believers to have a good time. “If you take a little interest in Bigfoot, you’ll get a lot out of it and be fascinated or entertained,” McCranie said.

  • A Bigfoot-themed free movie night for everyone kicks off the festivities on Friday November 4 at the Natchez Bluff Bandstand. The family film “Harry and the Henderson” will screen at 7:30 pm, followed by the adult horror film “The Legend of Boggy Creek” at 9:30 pm. Participants are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets, as well as food and drinks. the sellers will be on site.
  • Locust Alley also hosts “Bigfoot After Dark,” featuring live entertainment on all three nights, starting at 6 pm each evening. The first Thursday is “Big Smo” and “Afroman” followed by “Them Dirty Roses” on Friday and “The Joséphines” on Saturday. Find Locust Alley on social media for ticket information.
  • Friday 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. VIP Party for Sponsors and Ticket Holders at Magnolia Bluff’s Casino, featuring food, drink and music by Ben Lewis. Limited tickets are available for $ 100 each.
  • On Saturday mornings starting at 7 a.m. there are several activities on the Natchez Bluff, including a Bigfoot Backyard Cookoff BBQ. Wednesday is the last day for teams of up to 10 people to register for cooking. Each team register is $ 100 in total and participants receive all cooking meetups, courtesy of The Markets. All they need to do is bring the materials and fixings for their signature barbecue dish. Chefs also receive VIP bracelets to attend the Friday night meet at Magnolia Bluffs.
  • A 5K “Sasquatch Trot” race begins at 8:00 am after registration and packet pickup at 7:00 am. A “1.5 mile fun run for kids” also takes place shortly after the Sasquatch Trot at around 9:30 am Children’s registration costs $ 15 each.
  • Spectators can also enjoy free festivities on Saturday, November 5, including performances by Tony Fields, YZ Ealey and Casey Gilbert, Gabriel Bass and Friends, Ben Lewis, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Papa Mali, Scratch and an American Idol finalist from Canton, Hannah Everhard. Other special guests included TikTok star Hillbilly Red, Ashley “Dead Eye” Jones from “Swamp People”, “The House in Between” creators John Bullard and Brad Cooney, snake-grabber Jimmie D. Nichols Jr. and Chief Hutke Fields of the Natchez Nation.
  • Also on Saturday, with the purchase of a $ 15 ticket, participants will be able to attend a series of lectures by three Bigfoot experts: MK Davis, known for his analysis of Paterson Gimlin’s film; Dr. Jeff Meldrum, whose laboratory housed more than 300 casts of fingerprints attributed to Bigfoot; and Todd Standing, who appeared on the television show “Survivor Man” and is the director of the documentary “Discovering Bigfoot”. For more information or to purchase tickets visit


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