gambling ban for 32 bankrupt players


In Great Britain there are various possibilities for people with problem gambling behavior to limit their gambling. of therapy. According to Yoju Casino Login reports, it has blocked 32 affected individuals due to their wasteful spending on gambling.

Gambling as a ground for insolvency

The banned players were people who had filed for insolvency. In their investigations, state insolvency administrators had found that excessive gambling spending had been the reason for gambler bankruptcy in all cases. For this reason, the authorities had banned those affected from any form of gambling for the next 15 years.

The gambling ban was part of a set of insolvency rules measures that bankrupt gamblers had to adhere to. To stabilize their finances, insolvent people should impose strict limits on their spending. In addition to the ban on gambling, this also includes, for example, the ban on the purchase of expensive and luxurious items and services.

Unlike many other player protection measures, the authority sees the main reason for high gambling debts not with the providers but with the players themselves. According to the insolvency administrators, they are mainly responsible for their precarious situation.

For this reason, the authority had only retained the relatively small number of 32 people, as it considered them to have “reckless gambling behavior”. This position is supported by the French audit firm Mazars. He points out that players often only become aware of their situation after this rigid stage.

Paul Rouse, consultant at Mazars, explains:

“People who get carried away with risky deals or games of chance should be aware of the risks these contracts carry. It’s not just about declaring bankruptcy and getting rid of accumulated debts.

He said every player must now realize that a violation of the terms is a criminal act. This could be punishable by fines or even imprisonment.

However, British media speculate on the effectiveness of the ban. While insolvency administrators could relatively easily block players from licensed gambling providers in Britain via the GamBan system, they would still end up with illegal online casinos and bookmakers to indulge their passion. expensive.

However, their low account balances and lack of creditworthiness are likely to make it much more difficult for them to bet large sums there. As a result, observers assume that insolvency administrators will soon impose the ban on more players.


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