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Sénart continued their relentless start to the 2022 French Division I baseball season with a pair of strong all-around performances at Toulouse, while Savigny-sur-Orge also started their season with a one-sided doubles sweep. The final series of French baseball’s second weekend also resulted in two wins for the same team, with La Rochelle giving Nice plenty to consider on their long journey home.

Strong points
Shane Priest showed he could make any stadium his temple on Easter morning, going five innings without a hit as Sénart traveled to Toulouse for the latter’s opening weekend. At the time of the first and only stain on his record to start the sixth, the Templars were already leading 3-0. Although Priest settled for eight innings on one hit, Sénart didn’t let go otherwise, moving to an 8-0 shutout.

Priest (1-0) amassed 11 strikeouts and was ruthless in his priestly duties, offering no free passes. In two starts, he allowed five hits, one walk and no earned runs in 14 innings, striking out 22 by K.

Later in the day, Alexandre Lods (2-0) threw a six-hitter for the Templars, who took the win just 7-3 with four runs in the ninth, overcoming a 3-1 Toulouse lead . Thomas Greely had two singles and a brace for Sénart in Game 1, while Héctor Velásquez and Mathis Meurant had three-hit games in the nightcap. Velásquez is first in Division I in RBI (9), tied for first in hits (9) and second in hits (.600).

Savigny enjoyed 12 PUC walks in the clubs opener, adding five singles, a pair of doubles and two threes to that number, also slipping five sacks. Gédéon Coste (1-0) scatter seven hits and a pair of walks in a comprehensive win, striking out eight. Axel Amoros was the only Lion with multiple hits, throwing three singles. Firmin Hassed (1-0) and Evertz Orozco gave the University of Paris little to work with in Game 2, and three hits from Yeixon Ruiz – plus four more games within two hits of Savigny’s formation – led to a 13-2.

Franklín de la Rosa (1-0) needed just five frames to knock down 10 Nice batters on strikes for La Rochelle in their home opener, while Wilce Ñieves pitched four innings for his first save . Both mounds were excellent on the flat, with the Buccaneers starter ripping a two-run single and Ñieves whipping up a pair of doubles. Two hat-tricks from Jorge Suazo and three hits from Théo Lakmeche sealed the 12-5 victory, while all the points for the Riviera club were not deserved.

Nicolas Antoine (1-0) and Anthony Torres combined on a three hit for La Rochelle in Game 2, while Felipe Lot crushed a no-out three-run jack in Game 3 for a 7-0 margin. After receiving four innings of rest in Game 1 courtesy of Ñieves, de la Rosa patrolled right field in the final drink, recording a 3-for-3 day with two doubles, two runs and two ribbies. He leads Division I in doubles. Ramiro Milar also had a “hit out,” while Lakmeche was 2-for-2 with a double sack and a base hit in the rubber game.

Results [Box Scores]
Week 2 (April 16-17)
Savigny 12 – PUC 5
Savigny 13 – PUC 2 (7)
Metz – Montigny (PP: May 1)
Metz – Montigny (PP: May 1)
Senart 8 – Toulouse 0
Senart 7 – Toulouse 3
Nice 0 – La Rochelle 9
Nice 5 – La Rochelle 13 (5)

Schedule to come
Week 3 (April 23-24)
Montigny – PUC
Montigny – PUC
La Rochelle-Toulouse
La Rochelle-Toulouse

Classification Pool A

Lions of Savigny sur Orge 2 0 1.000 0-0 2-0 25 7
Cougars of Montigny 1 1 .500 1 0-0 1-1 7 8
RouenBaseball 76 1 1 .500 1 1-1 0-0 8 7
Metz Cometz 0 0 1 0-0 0-0 0 0
Paris University Club 0 2 .000 2 0-2 0-0 7 25

Pool B standings

Senart Templars 4 0 1.000 2-0 2-0 32 7
Buccaneers of La Rochelle 3 1 .750 1 2-0 1-1 35 17
Barracuda MUC 1 1 .500 2 1-1 0-0 12 13
Toulouse stadium 0 2 .000 3 0-2 0-0 3 15
Pretty Cavigal 0 4 .000 4 0-0 0-4 9 39

By Gabriel Fidler.

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