Flower Mound City Council Approves Stone Hill Boat Sale Proposal


Flower Mound City Council has approved the Stone Hills Boat Sales site plan with several modifications. (Courtesy of the Mound of Flowers)

Flower Mound City Council has approved the development of Stone Hill Boat Sales, a boat concessionaire.

The section was approved 4-1 with several zoning changes including hours of operation 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, west-facing bay gates closed during office hours and that the doors to the south bay initially proposed be removed. Council member Sandeep Sharma objected to this point.

The boat sales site will be located south of Justin Road and west of Stone Hill Farms Parkway.

The special use permit, according to the proposed plan, also requires that:

  • No outside boat service will be permitted on the property.
  • No boat rack storage is allowed.
  • Pole light fixtures will be completely shielded and footcandle readings along the entire length of the southern property line will be limited to zero.
  • Maintenance of the boats will be limited to the area accessible from the two western gates of the bay only.

The proposal had previously been rejected by the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission. This refusal required that the point be approved by the city council by a super majority.

During the public hearing, 10 residents spoke on the subject. Many, who live in the neighborhood to the south of the site, shared concerns about lighting, noise, and south bay doors on the applicant’s original proposal.

Other community members were in favor of the boat dealer because it is an application that requires a permit, and the council can make adjustments. A fear among some residents is what might move to the site that falls under the city’s current zoning, such as a car dealership, hotel, or entertainment site.

Town members Adam Schiestel and Ann Martin had concerns similar to those of the residents. Schiestel said he was concerned about the South Bay Gates, which were removed in the final vote.

Martin’s concern was about light pollution the boat seller could cause to nearby homes, she said. These concerns have been eliminated with the light shield requirement.


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