Florida fights federal vaccine mandate by suing Biden administration … and NASA


The state of Florida, led by Governor Ron DeSantis, is suing the Biden administration – and NASA – to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandate imposed on federal contractors. The lawsuit, announced by Attorney General Ashley Moody, argues that even if Biden had the authority to execute such a warrant under the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, it would still be unconstitutional because “the manner in which they were promulgated violates the fundamental principles of administrative law and public procurement. Lawsuit Alleges Government Is Just Paying ‘Empty Talk’ To Improve The Economy And Efficiency Of Federal Procurement And That The Real Goal Is To ‘Get More People Immunized And Reduce The Spread Of COVID-19’ . However, the latter has been made very clear by the Biden administration from day one.

The state shamelessly claims the warrant would cause irreparable harm and “interfere with Florida employment policies and threaten Florida with economic harm and loss of federal contracts,” including its frequent collaborations with the US space program . DeSantis administration has resisted COVID prevention strategies since the start of the pandemic; Florida has reported nearly 59,000 deaths from the virus.

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