Flint Community Schools remain virtual and plan to reopen this month


Flint Community Schools have been virtual since the start of 2022, but it looks like that could end this month.

The strain that rising Covid numbers have placed on local districts has been too much for many to handle. Flint is far from the only school that has been forced to move to virtual learning in our area. Grand Blanc has announced that it will finish virtually this week, and Clio is doing the same.

Flint School officials hope to return to face-to-face learning before the end of January, but there will still be at least a week of virtual.

At this time, school officials plan to remain virtual for the week of January 17, with a return to in-person learning beginning January 24. You can read the full statement from school officials here.

Will virtual learning soon be a thing of the past?

Most parents in and around Genesee County hope the answer is an undeniable yes, but it probably isn’t.

Schools are facing more than just an increase in Covid cases due to the aggressive variant of Omicron. Staffing shortages in every school department have led to closures in several districts. The overall number of cases will rise and fall, but without enough staff to maintain a normal school day, schools are being forced to make tough decisions.

Despite the anger parents are displaying over the move to virtual or cancellations, it must be recognized that schools are doing a great job of adapting on the fly. The biggest example is how Flint manages to keep food distribution going for the families that depend on it. Officials released the food distribution schedule for the final virtual week.

During the week of January 17, food distribution services will be available on Tuesday January 18 and Thursday January 20 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the locations listed below.

  • Durant-Tuuri-Mott
  • Eisenhower Elementary School
  • Freeman Elementary School
  • Holmes STEM College
  • Elemental nicut
  • Northwest Flint
  • Elemental Stone
  • Elemental Potter
  • Southwestern Classical Academy

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