Flanker produces world-class skill in the French second division


By Rugby Assault

When you’re 6-foot-5, it’s pretty hard to catch passes that are thrown at your feet, but Massy’s third line Alexandre Loubière has found a way around that.

Facing Carcassonne last Friday in French ProD2, the flanker supported his teammate, second row Evrard Dion Oulai, who had taken a break. The lock produced an offload, but it looked like the offense died in its tracks as the ball headed for the ground. However, Loubiere was able to put the ball in his hands on the fly. Two assists later and teammate Randy Grelleaud scored from the corner. Being able to get the ball in his hands is a truly world-class skill, but being able to do it and barely slow down made it all the more amazing.


Carcassonne XV: 1. Martinez, 2. Carbou, 3. Bekoshvili; 4. Channel, 5. Landman; 6. Harley, 7. Agaba, 8. Herjean; 9. Marques (Cap.), 10. Mouchous; 11.Marty; 12. Aguillon, 13. Grigg; 14. Dulon; 15. Keyboards
Replacements: 16. Sa, 17. Amrouni, 18. Carroll, 19. Meka, 20. Pages, 21. Anon, 22. Annetta, 23. Akhobadze.

Massy XV: 1. Correa, 2. Grelleaud, 3. Ferrer; 4. Fuser, 5. Oulai; 6. Decubber, 7. Loubière, 8. Gbizie; 9.Pichon, 10.Ortolan; 11. Farissier; 12. Taulagi, 13. Jacomme; 14. Robaglia; 15. Kotze
Replacements: 16. Rodrigues, 17. Visser, 18. Nonkontwana, 19. Lanen, 20. Prier, 21. Guillomot, 22. Carré, 23. Vickos.


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