Fan voting will include tons of FUT favorites


FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will soon host the biggest event of the year when the Team of the Season joins the game.

The first team out will likely be the Community Team of the Season, so we’ve rounded up our predictions on which top-performing fan favorites might feature.

What is Community TOTS?

Simply put, the Community Team of the Season is decided by the FIFA community.

If it follows the same restrictions as previous years, you will be able to vote from a shortlist comprising the best players in the world of football who have received at most one special performance-based item in FUT 22.

From this shortlist you will be able to select 23 players with a maximum of 5 players from the same league and with at least 2 goalkeepers, at least 6 defenders, at least 6 midfielders and at least 3 forwards alongside you .

The 23 recipients with the most votes who meet these voting criteria will be released during the Community Team of the Season.

Alisson (OVR 91)

We could see massive names vying for the goalkeeping job, with Alisson, Ederson and Gianluigi Donnarumma all possibilities for selection.

Of the three, we think Alisson is the least likely to feature in his league-specific TOTS, with Aaron Ramsdale surely claiming the spot.

Alisson would be a top pick for the FUT community as he can be linked to the Premier League and Marquinhos who will likely feature in the Ligue 1 TOTS.

Kyle Walker (OVR 91)

We all love a speedster, so Kyle Walker is a favorite FUT full-back.

Although he earned a Team of the Year honorable mentions card, he did not have any other performance-based specials.

He’s been solid, but not good enough to make the Premier League TOTS, so a place on the Community TOTS could come.

Fikayo Tomori (OVR 89)

Fikayo Tomori has excelled during his time playing for Milan, with many expecting his Ones to Watch card to skyrocket this season.

He was a mainstay in defending a side that could go on to win the title, with his speed once again making him one of the top picks in the community.

Presnel Kimpembe (OVR 90)

A guy we all hate to see included in the opposition defence, Presnel Kimpembe will be one of the most picked players if included in the community shortlist.

He only received one upgraded card in FUT 22, so expect it to be added during TOTS one way or another.

Ferland Mendy (OVR 89)

He’s French, he’s fast, that’s just what the community loves!

Ferland Mendy has only managed three assists this season, with one goal in there, so he’s unlikely to make La Liga’s TOTS.

He’s another man who will garner plenty of votes if left to the public.

Rodri (OVR 90)

In a Manchester City side that often dazzles, Rodri can go unnoticed.

He’s crucial to the way City play, so much so that he’s a rare player who isn’t affected by Pep Roulette!

He may not be meta enough for much of the FUT community, but the connections he can provide to other top players should be considered.

Renato Sanches (OVR 90)

Every time Renato Sanches gets a boosted card, it’s unreal in Ultimate Team, so if we get the chance to vote for him, we will.

Injuries have hampered his season, but when he is on the pitch he is performing, with one goal and five assists in 14 starts hopefully enough to make him on the shortlist.

Jamal Musiala (OVR 85)

Jamal Musiala has been a go-to option on the bench for Bayern Munich this season, making 14 appearances as a substitute.

He makes the most of his time on the pitch, and while he will miss the Bundesliga TOTS main team, he will likely be seen on the TOTS community shortlist.

Paulo Dybala (OVR 91)

A FUT favorite will always be chosen for the team if given the chance, and that’s exactly what Paulo Dybala is.

His eight goals and five assists may be enough to see him make the Serie A TOTS main team, but if he misses out, he will definitely be part of the community.

Gerard Deulofeu (OVR 90)

Another Serie A man who may not have done enough to make the main team, Gerard Deulofeu has managed nine goals and two assists so far this season.

He could receive a very fast card that would work well for hybrid teams.

Jamie Vardy (OVR 93)

Even at 35, Jamie Vardy doesn’t seem to want to slow down anytime soon.

He’s not at the top of the goalscoring charts this season, and even though an injury has limited him to just 18 games this season, he’s still scored 10 goals.


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