Everton in the Community partners with Rosetta Stone to form more inclusive communities across Liverpool


Everton in the Community and Rosetta Stone have teamed up to help break down language barriers and form more inclusive communities across Liverpool.

The internationally acclaimed language specialist has provided Everton in the community with over 50 add-on licenses for use across its programs, helping those who have moved to a new country to settle in and become more integrated into their environment.

Among those to benefit from the new partnership will be members of the ‘Welcome Through Football’ charity program – which supports refugees and asylum seekers – and ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, a residence that provides placements for young people adults facing homelessness.

Credit: Everton in the community

Funded by the UEFA Foundation, Welcome Through Football uses sport as an engagement tool to help break down cultural barriers. create a safe and welcoming environment for refugees and asylum seekers to play football together. The project offers weekly training sessions, football competitions and offers a range of social and educational enrichment opportunities to help individuals learn more about the support available to them.

Johnnie Garside, Everton Community Health and Wellbeing Manager, said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our participants to really make a positive difference in their lives.

“Having moved to the UK from many other countries, our Welcome Through Football participants speak different languages ​​and all have varying English language abilities.

“Improving their skills and vocabulary will not only help them feel more settled and build stronger relationships within the local community, but it will also break down cultural barriers and create a more inclusive environment for all.” .

“This initiative could truly change people’s lives in such a positive way, and we look forward to seeing the progress our participants make over the next year.”

Home Is Where The Heart Is supports young adults aged 18-23 who have found themselves with nowhere to live – offering a safe place to stay, help with areas such as money, health, legal rights and life skills, and an outreach service to support the transition to own tenancy.

Carla Brown, Everton Community Support Manager, added:

“We currently have residents who will really benefit from this fantastic initiative.

“The extra support in terms of developing their English skills will be invaluable for residents in the future and it’s something they can take with them for the rest of their lives – it will open up more opportunities for them and will make such a positive difference to their future.

Rosetta Stone x Everton

Participants of both programs will have the opportunity to enroll in a 12-month language learning course through the Rosetta Stone platform, with full support and guidance from Everton staff in the community.

Everton Free School, which provides alternative educational opportunities and experiences for young people aged 13 to 16, will also participate in the initiative, offering the 12-month course to students who can benefit from additional language support to help them integrate fully into school life. at EFS.

Rosetta Stone’s unique “Dynamic Immersion” method will help all types of learners to read, write and speak a new language intuitively, without translation, allowing participants to develop their English skills and feel more settled. in their new environment.

Miriam Melchers, Brand Manager, EMEA at Rosetta Stone, said:

“We are delighted to support Everton’s incredible initiatives in their community, providing participants with the opportunity to develop or improve their language skills.

“Communication is one of the most important things in life, and we hope it will enhance their lives and experiences while having fun along the way.”

Learning a new language can also provide a range of mental health and well-being benefits, with scientific research suggesting that absorbing new vocabulary boosts memory, encourages creativity, makes people better communicators in their mother tongue… and can even make the human brain bigger!

Credit: Rosetta Stone

Tackling a new language also broadens cultural appreciation and knowledge and has been proven to improve a person’s problem-solving and multitasking skills.

Rosetta Stone also offers Everton fans the option to take out three or 12 month subscriptions and start learning languages ​​like Spanish, Portuguese, German and French, or something a bit more difficult ones like Arabic, Russian, Japanese or Cantonese – all for less than £10 a month.

To learn more about the health benefits of learning a new language, click here. To find out more about health and wellness programs with Everton in the community, click here.


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