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CITY OF PLUS-HEAD – The Carteret County Gamma Zeta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Educators Honor Society (DKG) met at the Carteret Community College Hospitality & Culinary Arts Center in Morehead City on November 11.

Special guests were NC DKG State President Beth Winstead, accompanied by her mother Anne Briley, who served as NC State Executive Secretary for 15 years; Bena Weires, Region II recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Career and Technical Education; and Marsha Irvin, president of the Wilson County Omicron Chapter.

The hostesses were June Vann, Jeffrie Holloway, Susan Merrell and Dr. Tracy Mancini. President Beth Winstead delivered the Inspirational Prayer, “to honor women who have given or who have demonstrated distinctive service potential in any field of education.” She noted that being a member of the DKG is an honor in itself.

“When we are asked to accept responsibility, it is also an honor and an opportunity,” she said.

Dr Mancini, President of Carteret Community College, is a member of the DKG and led the tour of the Culinary Arts Center. The school offers several special programs, including the bakery and pastry program and the French Goellner exchange program. A special cooling zone exists for meats and chocolates prepared by students, and a pizza oven has been built on the Beaufort Wine and Food Patio. The instructors include three full-time chefs and some part-time employees. A course can be designed for a group of friends wishing to acquire culinary skills in a specialized category. Dr. Mancini takes pride in the way the Culinary School serves the surrounding area and serves as an example for other community colleges trying to establish a Culinary Arts program.

DKG has updated its scholarship funds for future teachers. DKG member Sharon Harker was congratulated on her election as mayor of Beaufort. President Bonnie Ferneau made donations to the NC DKG Educational Foundation on behalf of active DKG members.

DKG has recognized its members who have received awards and grants. DKG historian Susan Merrill and her team at Morehead City Elementary received a Bright Ideas grant from Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative in the amount of $ 879.82 to purchase Spheros for use in science and math education. Dora Edwards at Beaufort Elementary received three grants for fifth-graders: (1) a math grant from Reflex to increase mastery in math, (2) a $ 500 grant to explore practical science at the Aquarium of Pine Knoll Shores, and (3) Science Hardware valued at $ 500 from Duke Energy, which will be used to host a school-wide science night in April. DeAnne Rosen of Tiller School received funding from the NCDKG Maxine and Don McCall Endowment Grant to help with an after-school pilot program that will introduce STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – to young minds.

Debra Stinson has two winning entries in the NCDKG Fall 2021 International Fine Art Gallery: Miss Gevalia and Provence Pot. June Merrill is featured in the Member Spotlight on the NCDKG website as a future leader for Region II. Julia Thorn is featured in the Member Spotlight on the NCDKG website as the current lead for Region II. These last two honors are posted on HYPERLINK “” T“ _blank ”

DKG’s work in the Education Excellence Committee: CEE Co-Chair Julia Thorn invited members to visit the Gamma Zeta HYPERLINK website “” T“ _blank ” to display images, brochures, brochures and links to national and international websites. She has new directories for new members joining the chapter, which have 100 pages of content. Bee Gin Teacher Program Director Dr Cathy Tomon thanked DKG as a mentor to the beginning teachers in Carteret County and presented each member with a jar of honey as a token of their appreciation. Dr Tomon invites everyone to join his Bridges school in the Toys for Tots program by dropping off an unwrapped toy.

Membership: Jeffrie Holloway invites Bena Weires, a guest considering membership. Holloway stressed the importance of keeping biographical data up to date and distributed a form to help him do so. These forms are required when a member is nominated for honor or award and for the member’s obituary, therefore completeness is required.

Scholarship: Debra Stinson explained that a scholarship is for a student and one for a teacher assistant pursuing a teaching degree. If there is no candidate student, two TA scholarships can be awarded. Everyone agreed with this idea. Profits from the fall and Christmas baskets will be added to the purses.

In the President’s update since the September meeting, Bonnie Ferneau performed the following tasks for the Chapter: (1) assisted June Merrill with the November newsletter and journal article, (2) worked with Jeffrie Holloway on New Memberships for Jody McClenny, Kelly Riley, Tabbie Nance and Amanda Wood, (3) visited Alice Copes with Jeffrie Holloway and June Vann to present the Gold Key Certificate performed by Julia Thorn, (4) helped the NCDKG Educational Foundation to honor 15 DKG members who still teach, teachers at Bonnie’s Bee and Gamma Zeta scholarship recipient Maggie Guthrie, (5) reviewed notes from President’s Ask Time, (6) wrote a note of thanks to Dr Jackson and (6) corresponded with President Beth Winstead.

The two new business scholarship baskets were prepared by Martha Edwards and won by Jeffrie Holloway and Lucy Bond, and $ 55 was raised. Abi Mason also donated $ 20, with both amounts going to scholarships.

The next meeting will be on February 10 at Tiller School for Black History Month. Alice Copes will be the speaker. Past Presidents June Vann, Dora Edwards and Julia Thorn have been invited to sit on the New Leadership Nominating Committee. In February, officers will each bring two baskets. Other members will bring school supplies to fill them up.

Closing Remarks and Adjournment President Beth Winstead referred to her survey which showed that most members are reluctant to take on a major leadership role. She encouraged us to say yes and to enjoy getting to know our members.

“We can learn and grow if we are willing to expand,” she said.

For those who wish to become an officer or sit on a committee, let them know. The president, the first vice-president, the second vice-president, the secretary of the meeting and the corresponding secretary are elected. The treasurer and the parliamentarian are appointed. Beth Winstead received a special gift bag from Gamma Zeta.

Delta Kappa Gamma sponsors scholarships for graduate degrees, teaching aids, in-service teacher education, and students wishing to become teachers.


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