Crescentview educator reacts after being honored by Portage School Division –


The Portage la Prairie School Division held a board meeting last week where a teacher from Crescentview School received an “Excellence in Education Award” for her consistent excellent work with her students.

Crescentview kindergarten teacher Laura Hordeski, who started teaching at Morden in 1992, says she was very grateful to receive the award, although a bit uncomfortable because she feels there is so much educators who deserve to be honored.

During the board meeting where she received this honor, board members heard a speech by Tracy Vanstone, director of Crescentview.

Vanstone called Hordeski an exceptional and phenomenal educator, noting that the French immersion program would not be what it is in our city without Ms. Hordeski.

Hordeski says those comments from Vanstone touched his heart.

“I got a little emotional. It’s hard to hear so many nice things about yourself, but yeah, she was very, very kind and very generous with her words and as always very supportive.”

Hordeski shares that she has received incredible support from the administration throughout her career.

“I’ve worked with the best colleagues you can imagine, and I learn things from them every day. I end up working with the best families, and the kids themselves are just amazing, so you want just do your best for them.”

The kindergarten teacher shares her favorite part of teaching young children.

“I’m lucky. I feel so loved at school. I get 1,000 hugs a day, and as my kids stay at this school until fourth grade, I see them grow, and they’ll keep coming back and saying “Hello Madam” and give me a hug. So, yes, I feel very loved.”

Hordeski says it’s very touching when former students come back to greet her.

“Seeing these little guys who once criss-crossed the applesauce on your carpet, and here they are taller than me coming back in their graduation dresses. Maybe I’m just a bit of a sucker, I guess, because it usually brings tears in my eyes.”

Hordeski notes that she has been at Crescentview since 2006, when they, as a school, introduced French immersion. In addition, she loves her job and teaching the French language.

“I’m just very, very grateful, and I couldn’t have done this without all the people and families who have supported me and worked around me.”


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