Commune in central Vietnam erects tents to quarantine Tet returnees


Since the beginning of this month, authorities in Thanh Phong township, Nhu Xuan district, have built three rows of temporary housing inside the former cultural house of Quang Hung village and a local cultural center. . They are divided into 60 rooms to quarantine those who have returned for Tetor Lunar New Year, Vietnam’s most important holiday.

The tents are made of bamboo, leaves and plastic sheets. Each room is about five square meters, equipped with a bed, electricity and Wi-Fi. Each room is reserved for one person only.

Le Van Tuan, chairman of the people’s committee of Thanh Phong commune, said there were times when the 60 rooms were occupied due to the high number of Tet repatriated.

The reason the tents were erected is that most homes in the area do not have separate, insulated rooms that meet coronavirus quarantine criteria. Authorities consulted with the population before erecting the tents, he said.

Since mid-January, more than 300 people have returned to the commune to Tet, of which about 200 are eligible for home quarantine for seven days. But since their homes cannot meet the quarantine criteria, they had to be quarantined elsewhere, including in these tents.

“During the quarantine, two people were found infected with the coronavirus. Due to good management, the disease did not spread to the community,” Tuan said.

Thanh Phong’s steering committee for the prevention and control of Covid-19 has deployed patrollers among the tents to monitor the quarantine areas. Meals are prepared by family members and brought here.

On Tuesday morning, Tuan said the 20 people quarantined in the tents had been allowed to go home. Patrol staff were also made redundant. The tents will also be dismantled in the coming days to make way for the activities of the local cultural house.

“As Tet approaches, returnees should go to the medical post of the commune to declare themselves medically, and either be quarantined in appropriate places, or monitor their health themselves at home,” he said. he said, adding that those wishing to be tested for Covid-19 can do so for free.

Until the Tet success of the festival, Thanh Phong commune is expected to receive more than 100 additional people from other localities, according to the local steering committee for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

Nguyen Duc Dong, chairman of the Nhu Xuan district people’s committee, said there had been no instructions from the district to the commune to erect tents for the quarantined people, adding that he asked the authorities municipalities to report on the matter and adhere to coronavirus protocols as directed by government and provincial authorities.

On January 22, the Ministry of Health asked localities not to quarantine those who return to their hometowns to celebrate Tet.


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