Catholic division sees steady enrollment numbers for new school year

Photo from the Herald file.

Enrollment at the Prince Albert Catholic School Division has remained stable despite the challenges caused by COVID-19.

Director of Education Lorel Trumier gave a preliminary update at Monday’s regular council meeting ahead of the Sept. 30 registration deadline. These figures show that 2,961 students attend a Catholic school in PA, one less than the total of 2,962 in 2021.

Trumier described the numbers as stable.

“We are very happy to see some of our children coming back,” she said. “Some families were hesitant to come back, and we are starting to see that pick up again and the conversations are happening. We are very pleased with how things have started in the school division this year.

There are 174 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten classes across the division and 176 in kindergarten.

The total number of enrollments in English is 1,905, while the total number of enrollments in French is 899. Both figures are similar to last school year.

École Sainte-Anne had 563 students, including 268 Anglophones and 295 Francophones. St. Mary’s Secondary School1 had a total of 1,002 students, with 709 students enrolled in English and 293 enrolled in French. St. Michael’s School, which is split between English and Michif, had 170 students enrolled in English and 19 students enrolled in Michif.

St. John’s School had 295 students enrolled, St. Francis School had 283 students enrolled, St. Catherine’s School had 161 students enrolled, and Holy Cross had 311.

Enrollment as of September 30, 2021 in the Catholic Division was 2,962 in 2020, it was 3,022 and in 2019 it was 3,247.

“September 30 would be the official date, so we’re keeping it unofficial until then. It’s an early update to the listing, that’s what I would call it,” Trumier said. .


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