“Caribbean Day at the Park” connects the community


“Caribbean Day at the Park” organized by the Caribbean Association of North Alabama brings together people from across the Caribbean community.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The North Alabama Caribbean Association returned with its “Caribbean Day at the Park” after taking two years off since the pandemic.

This event brings together Caribbean cultures with food, music, dance and more.

Both Alyssa and Ashley attended the event today and have a personal connection to the culture.

“I’m here for my family because they’re from Haiti,” Alyssa said.

“I’m here for my family because they’re from Guyana,” Ashley said.

Emmauel Pierre, CANA member, said: “Caribbean Day in the Park is an event awaited by all the nations of the community. And this again fuels our motto “many cultures, one people”. So what we’re doing is we’re sharing the Caribbean heritage with people and a lot of people are discovering, “Oh, wow, I’ve got Caribbean in me.”

Dane Clarke, President of CANA, said, “As far as this event is concerned. You forget work. You forget a lot of things. We are all here to have fun as one people.”

CANA is a non-profit organization that strives to connect people from all communities through food, flags, music and dance.

This event is held almost every year and according to Pierre, the Caribbean community in Huntsville is diverse.

“Huntsville covers the entire Caribbean diaspora. I mean, from Spain, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Caribbean. I mean, you name it. Huntsville has it. And Huntsville encapsulates what it means to be Caribbean,” says Rock.

Several vendors attended the festival, from a Caribbean shipping company to Jerk Chicken stalls, and there were quite long lines.

But ultimately, Clarke said those who are introduced to this community, “get to see our culture, how we live and fundamentally understand the kind of people we are, the music that you don’t hear every day.”

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