Basingstoke athletes win promotion to Division 1


Basingstoke & Mid Hants Athletic Club have been promoted to Division 1 of the league after finishing top of Division 2 West this season.

The final senior athletics match of the season took place at Down Grange last weekend.

Going into the game in second place in the Division 2 West, Basingstoke needed to win against Oxford City, Hillingdon and Newquay to be promoted to Division 1.

From the first event of the afternoon, Oxford City were the main opposition and there was good competition throughout the match.

Led by his team manager Jack Messenger, Basingstoke has had a string of victories.

The final grades were:

1.Basingstoke & Mid Hants – 242.5 points

2. Oxford City 201.5 points

3. Hillingdon – 113 points, and

4. Newquay- 72 points.

Indeed, Jack Messenger signed 3 victories on channel A during the afternoon, starting with the 400m Hurdles in 65.4s, then the 110m Hurdles in 16.4s, as well as the 2000m Steeplechase in 5m 41.8s and to finish the afternoon with a place in the winning team of the 4 x 400 m.

There was a good double from Henry Christer who won the 100m in 11.0s and the 200m in 22.4s. On the court, Arran Topham produced a personal best in the long jump of 6.41m to win this competition and followed it with 11.87m in the triple jump for another victory.

In the women’s sprints, Sofia Eden Aimine won the 100m in 13s and later the B 200 in 27s 7. Cara McGrath in her first-ever 400m, won in 62.4 seconds while Jane Small was the winner of the high jump with a clearance of 1.45 m.

In the men’s events, Ryan Bonifas had a good day winning the javelin with a throw of 43.29m and a win in the B rope long jump with 6.29m. It was good to see Will Parkinson as an under 20 tackle the senior 10m hurdles. On a second attempt at this event, Will landed a B string in 17.5 seconds – a personal best. Another strong performance in the hurdles came from Emma King who finished second in the 100m hurdles with a time of 17.2 seconds and Emma also won the B rope of the 100m. Libbie French had a good day winning the B rope 400m hurdles, with a time of 84.4s and second in the A triple jump with 9.91m.

There were a number of other strong performances during the afternoon to pick up some good points and extend the home club’s lead over Oxford and the other sides. They were Harvey Hannington Green, first B triple jumper with 10.95m, Josh Studwick, first B disc with 32.71m. Jasmine Poulter was first in the triple B jump recording 9.43m and in the women’s shot put Laura Darcey won with 10.28m, while the B rope went to Emily Tucker who putt 9.39m .

The relays at the end saw Basingstoke win three out of four, the men’s 4x100m and 4x400m as well as the women’s 4x100m. Thus, consistent performance saw the club win and be promoted to 16-club Division 1 next season.


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