AANUKO opens in Culver City as a creative and go-to community barber shop


We reimagine the hair salon experience to showcase the artistic perspective on transactional services and prioritize customer rapport, unparalleled creative flair for the ultimate customer experience.

Industry disruptors and men’s hair care experts Hanz de Fuko and Blumaan have joined forces to launch AANUKO which will open on August 2, which is a creative barber shop designed to create a wellness experience with trust-building implications. AANUKO invites the local community to enjoy unisex grooming services, sip a delicious cocktail on their open terrace, update your Instagram with their photo studio, and form lasting friendships where creativity thrives and well-being is a priority.

Located just outside Culver City’s Arts District, AANUKO is a three-in-one experiential lounge designed for men and women to become their best physically, mentally and emotionally. AANUKO’s services include haircut and styling ($85) which includes an in-depth consultation, AANUKO’s signature haircut method, blow-dry and styling, and a complimentary box of award-winning grooming essentials from Hanz by Fuko and Blumaan. Each barber undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure expertise in their craft, can successfully style all hair types and textures, and is confident, caring, and open enough to create a welcoming environment for every client.

Unlike traditional salons, the AANUKO experience extends beyond the haircut. AANUKO encourages customers to step into their signature photo studio for before and after makeovers, updated shots or content creation. In addition to the photo studio, AANUKO has a quaint Barcelona-style cafe where patrons can relax over craft drinks.

“AANUKO, where barber and client unite in deep inspiration, presents a new awakening in the salon space for men. We reimagine the hair salon experience to emphasize the artistic perspective rather than transactional services. Where customer rapport and attention is met with unparalleled creative flair and skill for the ultimate customer experience,” says the CEO and Co-Founder.

Rounding out the experience is the unforgettable atmosphere of the French bohemian-themed creative barber shop. Unforgettable designs can be seen throughout, including paneled walls adorned with GUCCI wallpaper, vibrant yellow Takara Belmont chairs, and a mix of industrial and plush seating.

AANUKO is located at 5790 Washington Blvd and is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Reservations are available on its website and walk-ins are welcome.

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