A Haitian group files a complaint against the Biden administration


SOURCE: CMC- The Haitian Bridge Alliance (HBA) has filed a class action lawsuit against the Biden administration, alleging abuses against Haitian asylum seekers, whose rights were violated when they were taken from a makeshift camp in Texas in October.

The HBA also claims that the Department of Homeland Security violated the rights of thousands of Haitian asylum seekers after fleeing the French-speaking Caribbean country due to the danger and insecurity there.

According to the HBA, Haitians upon arrival in the United States joined at least 15,000 Haitian asylum seekers at a makeshift U.S. Customs and Border Protection encampment in Del Rio, Texas, but they were suffering from the hunger and dehydration due to camping conditions.

Asylum seekers said they “choked in triple-digit temperatures” during the day and “slept on the floor” at night.

The complaint, filed with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, included a statement by one of the plaintiffs, Mirard Joseph, who said he was “attacked” by a border patrol officer on horseback.

The photo of Joseph’s experience has been documented in a photo that has attracted much criticism, including from President Biden.

The lawsuit specifically accuses the Biden administration of not preparing for the influx of migrants despite being aware of the imminent arrival of immigrants. It also says the government was responsible for the physical and verbal abuse of migrants as well as due process failure due to COVID-19 policies, including Title 42, which allows for the deportation of people on public health grounds. .

In addition to the HBA, several immigrant advocacy groups, including Justice Action Center and Innovation Law Lab, represent the 11 Haitian asylum seekers named in the case.

In the pending lawsuit, the HBA is seeking an injunction and declaratory judgment. The HBA further aims “to ensure accountability and an end to the harmful, discriminatory and illegal policies of the Biden administration.”

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