A Francophone community health center obtains a government grant for its own building


French-language health care in Timmins is about to take a giant leap forward. The Timmins Community Health Center has received provincial government approval for a $10 million grant to build a stand-alone clinic.

Chief executive Michelle Stevens says the existing center in Timmins Square limits it to serving 1,000 patients. The waiting list is 500 and continues to grow.

“These are patients who are very complex,” Stevens points out, “because they’ve carried a lot of their medical issues for years because they haven’t had services in their language.”

The organization’s administrative offices are located in the former St-Charles School on Kent Avenue. He will demolish this building and install his own facilities there. It will serve more patients with more services.

“We will be able to hire our physiotherapist, our psychologist, our other part-time doctor position that we are still waiting to fill,” Stevens says.

The space it currently occupies in Timmins Square has three exam rooms. The new building will have seven.

Michael Stevens
(Photo provided)


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